Award winning professional Spanish skincare brand SKEYNDOR is renowned for their results driven products and treatments.The internationally successful brand has numerous retail products for home use so you can treat yourself to some at home skin pampering with these amazing hero products from a selection of SKEYNDOR ranges.


SKEYNDOR have been pioneers in the European professional market by launching the most powerful antioxidant combination ever created. The high absorption Power C line has triple antioxidant power for longer lasting results.

Enhance your production of collagen with Antiox Glowing Serum (€77.00),12.5% vitamin C . This hero product with triple antioxidant action contains vitamin C and extract of pomegranate and acai. It acts as a shield against cutaneous photoaging.

Smooth and lighten your Eye Contour (€46.00)with this creamy gel which contains high absorption Vitamin C and pomegranate extract for a luminous radiant effect.


The Power Hyaluronic range combines hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights with an aquaporin activator, which are the proteins responsible for transporting water to the heart of the cell. It balances the skin’s natural hydrodynamics obtaining an optimum degree of hydration. The Eye Contour And Eyelash Gel 15ml (€54.50) refreshes  and rejuvenates the eye contour while working on strengthening your lashes. Suitable for all skin types, this gel has a lifting effect on eyelids, smooths wrinkles, reduces the appearance of eye bags as it strengthens your lashes.

The Moisturising Booster 30ml (€65.00)is an intensive facial moisturiser that hasa hyaluronic acid concentrate of very low and high molecular weight. This product from the Power Hyaluronic range is suited to all skin types and is best applied to a cleansed face avoiding the eye area.




Skeyndor’s Power Retinol range helps to restore and rebuild aging skin. Take aging into your hands with this ground-breaking range. The effectiveness of this range is based on the synergy of three molecules that have been carefully selected and skilfully combined to produce a unique complex with surprising results. Retinols repairing and rejuvenating action is enhanced by Bakuchiol and HS soy extract which also stabilise and reduce the possible side effects of retinol.

TheIntensive Repairing Serum-In-Cream 30ml (€80.50) is an anti-ageing serum in cream with pure concentrated retinol. This serum reduces the look of wrinkles and dark spots from your first use.




Awaken your skins eternal youth with Skeyndor’s anti-aging night time restoration oil. Our skins cells regenerating process is at its maximum activity while we sleep as this is when the skin receives a greater flow of nutrients.

To intensify this natural process and also contribute to nourishing and restoring the skin, Skeyndor have created this unique combination of natural oils, essences and extracts known as their Eternal Sleeping Oil (€79.00).This oil is ideal for dry, mature skin and has a satin , non-greasy finish leaving the skin smooth and soft