Women all over the world will go through menopause at some stage in their life. A woman’s body goes through many changes during menopause as it prepares for the next phase of life. Therefore, people often refer to Menopause as a ‘Second Spring’.

A woman works alongside nature as her body changes and many women go through a period of personal growth. It is important for women to educate themselves during this time of hormonal fluctuation as this knowledge gives woman more control over the changes and prepares them for this transition.  Some of the changes that a woman can expect are vaginal dryness, weight gain, low mood and energy, urinary urgency or difficulty sleeping.  

Internationally renowned doctor, Dr Anita Sturnham, specialising in dermatology and anti-ageing medicine comments: “The support services to guide women through this transition are often extremely limited. According to a study published by the British Menopause Society, 50% of women aged 45-65 years, will go through menopause without consulting a medical professional and 50% also reported that the menopause negatively impacted on their life.”.

As menopause becomes less of a taboo topic that women are learning more ways to nourish their bodies and mind throughout their Second Spring in life.

Meno Active’s Top Tips Throughout Your Menopause Journey 

  1.  Look After Your Bone Health: Many women will experience a depletion in bone strength during this time. The reason for this is that the hormone oestrogen slowly starts to decline during menopause. To look after their bone’s women need to make sure they are including Vitamins C, D and K. They can incorporate the vitamins and minerals through their diet or a supplement such as Meno Active.

  1. Regular Exercise: As the body is going through such a critical time of change women can be left with low energy and have difficulty sleeping. It is recommended that women continue to exercise throughout this time as the release of endorphins can improve mood and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Having a healthy BMI also can improve your sleep quality and reduce overall signs of menopause

  1. Optimise Your Sleep: Regular, undisturbed sleep is essential for looking after your body during menopause. Women should try for eight hours of sleep a night. Turning off screens one hour before bed, avoiding caffeine after lunch and if possible, avoiding evening alcohol all contribute to better sleep. Having a warm bath at night-time before sleep also regulates the body temperature which lowers the core temperature of the body thus improves your sleep quality.

  1. Managing Your Stress Levels: These days women lead very busy lives, which can increase stress levels. It is important as we grow older that we learn healthy ways of managing and coping with stress such as meditation, exercises such as Yoga or Pilates, reading, dancing, massages, or reflexology. An online survey which was conducted by Atomik Research among 1,007 women over the age of 35 in the UK who have started perimenopause or menopause. 62% of women say they have experienced mood changes through perimenopause/menopause. Other ways women feel better when experiencing low mood is meeting with friends, going for walks, or treating themselves to something new.

  1. Eat A Balanced Diet: Eating a balanced diet is important to maintain a healthy weight. It is especially important during menopause as women need to balance blood sugar levels and make sure they are getting important vitamins and minerals. It is recommended that women at this stage of their lives adopt a more Mediterranean diet and include foods such as vegetables, herbs, spices, and some fruit. Eat fish, especially oily fish, legumes, and whole grains. Magnesium a mineral found in dark green, leafy vegetables, beans and pulses and salmon is nature’s relaxant and is often deficient in people’s diets. It can help support bone health and low mood during menopause. Magnesium can also be taken in supplement form and is included in Meno Active.

Super supplement, Meno Active is designed for women to take during their menopausal journey. Containing a scientific blend of 31 active ingredients – Vitamins, Minerals, Digestive Enzymes, Omega 3 DHA, Live Friendly Bacteria and Plant Extracts, Meno Active is enriched with four plant extracts: Ashwagandha, Soya Isoflavones, Sage and Green Tea.

The Main Features of Meno Active are;

  • A scientifically formulated blend of active ingredients, for women to take during their menopausal journey
  • Unique combination of a daily sachet and daily capsule. The sachet contains 28 ingredients, and the capsule contains 3 plant extracts; Sage, Ashwagandha and Soya Isoflavone
  • Each daily sachet contains Omega 3 DHA, 4 Digestive Enzymes, 3 strains of Live Friendly Bacteria, Green Tea   and 19 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Simply add sachet to 250ml water (increase quantity to suit taste) and stir to dissolve
  • Take one sachet and capsule at the same time, once a day, at any time of day, preferably before or after food.
  • Citrus flavour containing the natural sweetener steviol glycosides
  • It is recommended to take for a minimum of 3 to 6 months

Meno Active €59.99 for 1 months’ supply