How is Sleep-tember going for you?



September, in general, is notoriously busy and a time for new routines and a change in temperatures, which can all throw our sleep cycle into despair. According to the experts, humans spend about one-third of their lives either sleeping or attempting to do so*, so it’s important to provide the body with all the right basics to ensure that good sleep hygiene can be achieved.


Hush & Hush’s MindYourMind™ was designed to instil a state of calmness and peacefulness towards a good night’s sleep. This enriched nutraceutical quiets the mind, body and soul while time-tested botanicals go to work to reduce stress and mental clutter. Proven sleep promoters help the user to fall asleep and stay asleep. Say goodbye to tossing and turning.


What’s in it?


Chamomile flower: Rich in flavonoids and terpenoids that bind to receptors in the brain, chamomile flower, which is popular in aromatherapy, helps calm and relax the mind and body, creating a sedative effect to promote sleep.


Valerian root: Known as “nature’s Valium”, valerian root eases occasional sleeplessness, restlessness, nervousness and encourages good sleep.


Rhodiola rosea root: An adaptogen that decreases stress levels in the body and alleviates feelings of fatigue, ‘modern day’ stress, mental fog, and low energy.

Holy basil leaf: Used for years in Ayurvedic medicine to calm the body, holy basil leaf is an adaptogen that reduces stress and inflammation and regulates cortisol spikes during the sleep cycle to keep you asleep for longer.


Hush & Hush MindYourMind™ €55

Michelle Ryan, Hush & Hush’s brand educator said, ‘There are many steps we can take in our daily life to achieve better sleep hygiene. At the very baseline, we need to make sure we have invested in a good quality mattress and bedding, but beyond that, here are some top tips for getting a restful night’s sleep’.


Hush & Hush’s Top 10 Tips for inner balance and restful sleep


  1. Stick to a regular routine. Try and go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time too. This helps set your body’s internal clock.


  1. Create a calm, cool and dark relaxing environment. Darkness is known to help the body stimulate the natural production of melatonin.


  1. Avoid screens for an hour before bed. If you need something to help you nod off, try reading a book or listening to a podcast instead.


  1. Make your bedtime a wind-down ritual. Practice mindfulness – Whether that’s an elaborate skincare routine, running a bath, meditating or reading a book, use this time to relax the mind and prepare the body for sleep.


  1. Introducing a sleep supplement like Hush & Hush ‘Mind Your Mind’, an hour before bedtime, is clinically proven to help aid restful sleep while also providing the body with key nutraceuticals that help to reduce stress and mental clutter.


  1. Try and do your physical activity earlier in the day so the body is tired come the evening. Training late in the evening can stimulate the body and mind and make it harder to wind down.


  1. Use a silk pillow. Not only do they have great benefits for the skin but they also work to keep you cool and dry while the smooth texture also reduces bed-head in the mornings!


  1. This one is no surprise but limit sugar, spicy foods, alcohol and nicotine in the evening, which all act as stimulants.


  1. Try a lavender essential oil on your pillow or on the wrists to help you gently lull to sleep.


  1. Lay out your clothes or write a to-do-list to help you get a head start for the next day, so you go to bed feeling super prepared with one less thing to do in the morning!


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Pricing information – Hush & Hush MindYourMind™ €55

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