Good makeup brushes that suit your skin type and application style are priceless; and sometimes pricey too!

So, looking after them is important; and that includes making sure they’re spotlessly clean. That way, you protect your skin and get a flawless application. And we all know clean makeup brushes means clear skin, less breakouts or bacterial infections!!

Enter the exciting new MuMe Ultimate MakeUp Brush Cleansing Set, which is not only great value and easy to use, but is also Irish-made and packed with high quality, natural ingredients that are cruelty-free.

Priced at €26.50, the new cleansing set includes both MuMe’s 100ml Daily Brush Cleansing Spray and the brand’s highly acclaimed Solid MakeUp Brush Cleanser. As a bonus there is also a €10 gift voucher to spend on MuMe’s 250ml Daily Cleansing Spray at!

Emma Hyland

Everything in the box is cruelty-free and 100% Irish, created by holistic therapist, Emma Hyland.

An affordable brush cleaner that won’t spill is the dream of professional MUAs, and so MUMe’s Solid MakeUp Brush Cleanser is a natural winner, gently removing makeup residue for germ-free smooth and clean makeup application. 

Designed for both natural and synthetic bristles, the kaolin cleansing clay gently cleans the brushes, while softening goats-milk keeps the bristles naturally soft and pliable.

Alcohol-free, chemical-free and cruelty-free, the MuMe solid brush cleanser is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin and comes packaged in a stylish tin for super simple use and no mess!

Having wet the makeup brush with warm water, it is swirled around in the solid cleanser for a creamy texture, then swirled in the palm of the hand to clean thoroughly, and finally rinsed.

For daily spot cleaning of brushes, MuMe’s Daily Brush Cleansing Spray is suitable for all types of makeup brush. The handy 100ml bottle is also travel-friendly.

A liquid kind enough for the most sensitive skin, the spray is naturally antibacterial and gentle, and is fragranced with essential oils May Chang and Tea Tree for a divine lemon blossom scent.

Excess makeup and residue is gently removed by simply spraying directly onto the brush bristles and wiping on a clean towel or tissue. Unlike alcohol-based sprays, MuMe’s spray won’t make brushes brittle, and the Irish-made conscientious cosmetics brand is cruelty free, PETA approved and vegan-friendly.