Beverly Hills Formula have just launched two brand new, innovative products; the Perfect White Gold Mouthwash and the Perfect White 2-in-1 Whitening Kit!

Perfect White 2-in-1 Teeth Whitening Kit


Introducing the Perfect White 2-in-1 Teeth Whitening Kit, the latest addition to the popular Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White range.

Scientifically formulated to reduce plaque and harmful bacteria, the easy to use and multifunctional whitening kit includes 28 whitening strips – 14 upper and 14 lower – and a whitening pen for a complete whitening routine. The transparent and flexible strips are coated with tooth whitening gel and are to be used twice daily for 30 minutes, for 14 consecutive days. To prolong the whitening effect delivered by the strips, use the whitening pen for touch-ups and whilst on the go. This ultimate whitening duo contains safe levels of Hydrogen Peroxide, leaving you with a white and brighter smile, at all times!

Guidelines for use of whitening strips:

  1. Ensure teeth are dry before using.
  2. Tear open the foil pouch containing an upper strip and a lower strip.
  3. Place the strip on the lower teeth first and then onto the top teeth.
  4. Leave the strips on for 30 minutes.
  5. After 30 minutes, remove both strips and rinse away any gel residue.

Let Beverly Hills Formula transform your smile!

Perfect White Gold Mouthwash


With real gold, acknowledged for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and blood flow regulating properties, this luxurious mouthwash eliminates bad breath and provides a long-lasting freshness.

The new ‘shake to activate’ formula and Pyrophosphates help to remove surface and deep stains for a brighter and whiter smile, at all times.

Scientifically formulated to combat bad breath, this innovative mouthwash is made from cruelty-free ingredients and does not contain parabens. Simply rinse for 30 seconds daily to ensure fresh breath and a pearly white smile.