The NEW Bare By Vogue Yoga Mat was designed in collaboration with Irish artist Deirdre Breen. This premium Yoga Mat features a suede top layer and moisture-resistant natural rubber base. This non-slip sweat-proof mat is ideal for hot yoga, yoga, barre, pilates and meditation.

This mat was designed as part of the launch for Bare by Vogue NEW Face Tanning Serum and is inspired by the use of Dopamine colours which contributes to mood-boosting. Dopamine promotes positive feelings, including happiness and pleasure. This is more than a yoga mat, it is an art piece that makes you feel good when you are working out.

A note from designer Deirdre Breen:

“The design for the Bare by Vogue Yoga Mat is a celebration of symmetry, balance and form. Symmetry and balance are central tenets in fitness, health and wellbeing. In exercise workouts, balance reduces the risk of injury. Our well-being is a result of what we eat, think and do. It’s all connected. By finding and correcting imbalances we can relieve mental, physical and emotional stress. This artwork reflects the beauty of balance. The abstract shapes represent our structural bodies, whole units made up of their parts. Symmetry is expressed in the geometric reflection.”

How To Care For Your Mat:

Wipe clean with a damp cloth after each practice and leave to air dry.

Ensure the mat is completely dry before rolling. Roll with the top facing down to increase the longevity and store out of direct sunlight.


About the designer:

Deirdre Breen is a multidisciplinary designer and visual artist based in Cork City. Her art practice explores the boundary between art and design, and compositional principles common to both. She investigates form, colour theory and geometry, and manipulates them to create a series of abstracted, playful structures and expressions of relational elements.

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Available on from 30th June 2022