Proven to even skin tone and minimize pores with 1 use + reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 3 weeks.

Everyone’s skin is different, but there’s something we all have in common: we want skin care products that deliver immediate, transformative results. As part of this pursuit, at-home peels have become more popular than ever – but many fail to produce the visible smoothing, pore-minimizing, and skin tone-evening results people are looking for.


The key to an at-home peel that delivers visible results after just one use? It’s about balance. Effective at-home peels feature a high percentage of exfoliants, composed of acids and enzymes that are optimized to work at different levels of skin’s surface. This combination delivers highly effective results – without causing dehydration or irritation. Liquid Peelfoliant delivers exactly that: treatment-room results, at home.


Formulated with a total of 30% acids and enzymes, Liquid Peelfoliant brings the power of a professional peel to your bathroom. AHAs and BHAs exfoliate and unclog pores; Phytic and Tranexamic acids brighten and even; and PHA + fermented Pomegranate exfoliate without stripping skin. This formula also features a nourishing lipid blend with upcycled Cranberry to leave skin looking absolutely radiant. Resurface, renew, repeat – and see transformative results in three minutes a day.