Home & Dry in the Beauty Care Stakes!


Some beauty innovation is just so perfect you wonder why it hasn’t been around forever!

Such is the new Add-on Beauty reusable Beauty Dry Mask.  It comes in four variants, Hydra Protect, Selfie Glow, Vegan Nutrition and Skin Detox, to tackle the needs of different facial skin types.

Effectively delivering nourishing and protecting active ingredients, the soft textured dry touch mask guarantees no more mess, no blobs on tops, smears on the hairline, or liquid trickling down your neck!

Using Add-on Beauty’s dry face masks couldn’t be easier.  They are simply placed on clean dry skin, stretched across the face and hooked over the ears to hold in place.  There is space for the eyes and nose and massaging gently for a minute will release the active ingredients.

Masks are then worn for 10 minutes, during which time the wearer can move around freely or continue whatever it was they were up to!

Hydra Protect Beauty Dry Mask, containing hyaluronic acid, cotton seed oil, Salicornia extract and botanical lipids, hydrates and protects skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and naturally restoring elasticity and firmness.

Selfie Glow gives a natural smoothing and illuminating effect, thanks to probiotics, mango butter, vitamin B3 and boldo extract derivative.

Passionfruit and grape seed oils, shea butter, and white hibiscus and baobab fruit extracts are the active ingredients in Vegan Nutritionwhich nourishes and revitalises the skin.

Skin Detox unclogs pores and purifies skin with a combination of salicylic acid, red clover extract, kokum butter and wild mint leaf extract.

A fool-proof addition to beauty routines, the handy Beauty Dry Mask multiplies the effectiveness of any other combined product by more than 2.5 times, such is the effectiveness of the patented dry application process.

The new technology, revolutionising the world of masks, is the perfect synergy of medical and cosmetic expertise.  It allows unprecedented concentration of active ingredients, directly applied, as opposed to traditional masks which have very little concentration of active ingredients.

The high concentration of active ingredients ranges from 91% to 94%, and the origin of the ingredients is largely natural.  The Vegan Nutrition mask, certified vegan and halal, is 100% natural and free from parabens, GMOs, allergens, preservatives and phenoxyethanol.

Priced at €18.00, each mask can be resealed in its hygienic sachet and used up to four times, thereby costing just €4.50 per application of highly-concentrated active ingredients.

The practical dry masks not only pack a real beauty punch, but are also super convenient, for use while travelling, at home, or generally moving around.

Ideal for true multi-tasking during the school run, a workout, or even cleaning the bathroom!