New Hydrafacial at The Buff Day Spa combines Six Treatments in One

Time to get out and about again, meet-ups with family and friends, a busy work schedule and the festive season beckoning. Time to look amazing; but not a lot of time to spare?

HydraFacial’s patented technology and super serums are a dream come true for multi-taskers who want a hard-working facial. This hi-tech heavenly experience addresses all skincare needs in one, to create an instantly gratifying glow.

Eileen Fleming, owner of the award-winning The Buff Day Spa on South King Street in Dublin, says HydraFacial is not just a simple and effective facial but is, in fact, a combination of six facials in one. It is one of the most technologically advanced treatments the spa now offers, she adds.

“The step-by-step facial system sees each treatment complement and enhance the other, and the journey is relaxing and luxurious, with instant results”.

The first step is cleansing and peeling. A gentle exfoliation with Activ-4 serum and GlySal, a mix of glycolic and salicylic acids, brightens the skin and softens pores ready for extraction.

Gentle extraction and rehydration follows, using Vortex patented technology. Black heads, blocked pores, oil and congestion all disappear, thanks to the light vortex action. At the same time, infusing nourishing moisturisers quench the skin, instantly plumping it.

Last step in the journey to glowing skin is to shield and protect. Skin is pampered with a cocktail of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. This helps hydrate, protect and maximize the glow, freshness and vitality of skin.

Hydrafacial is not only a unique means to simultaneously cleanse, extract and hydrate, Eileen Fleming of Buff Day Spa emphasises.

“It is an advanced skincare system that effectively addresses the majority of skin conditions. Hydrafacial delivers unparalleled non-invasive skin resurfacing. It clears your skin of dead cells and impurities, followed by deep hydration using a fusion of antioxidants and peptides”.

The six-step treatment process is grounded in the science of skincare, its creators say. Studies have shown significantly improved results are achieved with the combination of detox, cleanse and exfoliation, brightening, extraction, hydration and rejuvenation, all in a single treatment.

Importantly, Hydrafacial is non-invasive and there is no downtime or discomfort. Fans of the new hi-tech system report immediate, radiant results with long lasting benefits for skin.

Improvement has been seen in anti-ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, collagen stimulation, acne, pigmentation and redness. Plus, Hydrafacial can be used in combination with other treatments such as micro-needling, radiofrequency and lasers, and before injectables.

The Hydrafacial Introductory Special Offer at The Buff Day Spa is now available, costing €125 for the unique 55-minute multi-tasking skin rejuvenation.

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