Officially launching online this August, Cascata Hair is a new Irish hair extension brand that offers seamless, luxury, clip-in extensions that are made with 100% ethically sourced human hair.  Designed by award-winning Irish hair stylist, Emma King, Cascata Hair is a new premium, sustainable and trustworthy hair extension system.

Founder and CEO, Emma King, set out to give her clients ‘Confidence that Flows’ with her easy-to-apply, effective, and reusable hair extension range. Cascata, meaning waterfall, initially originated as a concept stemming from Emma’s love of water and nature, along with her drive to give her clients she has worked with over the years, the confidence they deserve.

‘’As a busy bridal stylist doing upwards of 80 weddings a year, I started to see there was a big gap in the Irish market for versatile clip-in, hair extensions. I set out to create a range of extensions that achieve instant transformations, with low commitment and investment, that don’t damage the client’s natural hair and that can last a lifetime. ‘’
Emma King, CEO of Cascata Hair



Cascata Hair has a wide range of 16 bespoke colours in two different lengths, with additional colours already in development. The seamless, discreet, and lightweight design allows the hair to sit comfortably flush to the scalp, avoiding any bulkiness and allowing the customer the freedom to style the hair in a variety of ways, using heat styling to achieve a luxurious flawless finish.

All bespoke colours have been years in the making, with each tone and blend selectively chosen by the Cascata team of expert colourists. New customers can colour match from the comfort of their own home via the online portal on, where the team of award-winning stylists review clear uploaded photos of client’s hair. Alternatively, customers can colour match in person at the Cascata Hair Bar in Unique Hair Design in Monaghan.

The 100% human hair extensions are easy to apply and can be styled, heated, and washed just like natural hair. The lifespan of Cascata clip-in hair extensions is dependent on the user’s personal hair care regime, but with proper care, they can last 3-5 years if used daily or even a lifetime if only used occasionally.



Emma King said, ‘The value of Cascata Hair Extensions is unparalleled in comparison to chemical bonded extensions that typically last 4 months at a high price point. A full set of Cascata Hair extensions can work out up x 60 times better value in terms of their lifespan at €255 for a full set over a 5-year period. This is an instant transformation and an investment that you can be assured, will last!’




  • Instant yet temporary: Clip-in Hair Extensions can be easily added or removed, making them an excellent option for clients who want versatility in their hairstyles.
  • Long lasting- If treated with care Cascata Hair can last a lifetime, with everyday wear lasting 3-5 years.
  • Low commitment: Clients can experiment with different lengths, colours, and styles without a long-term commitment.
  • Damage-free: Clip-ins don’t require any adhesives or chemicals, so there’s minimal risk of damage to the natural hair when applied and removed correctly.
  • Easy maintenance: Since they are not worn continuously, clip-ins require less maintenance and can last longer with proper care.

‘‘We are excited to bring the Cascata Hair brand to life, we are passionate and devoted to our clients, their haircare journeys, and the resulting confidence we strive to inspire.’’

Emma King, CEO of Cascata Hair


Cascata Hair extensions are now available in Full Volume Sets €245-€265 or Side Fillers from €125.00.-€140.00 Cascata Hair is certified as Guaranteed Irish and holds an ethical hair sourcing accreditation.

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