Nimue Skincare, a renowned leader in advanced skincare solutions, is excited to unveil its latest innovation – the Sensitive Skin Collection. This meticulously crafted range is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of sensitive skin, offering a revolutionary approach to soothing and calming solutions.

Sensitive skin can often present challenges in finding the right products that provide comfort and relief. Nimue Skincare’s Sensitive Skin Collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to addressing these specific concerns.

Each product in the Sensitive Skin Collection is formulated with a selection of gentle, high-quality ingredients that work synergistically to alleviate discomfort and irritation. The Sensitive Skin Collection offers targeted relief for individuals dealing with occasional sensitivity or persistent redness. 

At your local Nimue salon, clients can indulge in a personalized treatment designed specifically for sensitive skin – the Smart Micropeel Treatment. This gentle anti-inflammatory treatment is perfect for sensitive skin. Following this rejuvenating experience, clients have the option to enhance their skincare routine at home by purchasing two key products from the Sensitive Skin Collection: the Soothing Repair Serum and Daily Calm and Restore moisturiser.


Soothing Repair Serum  

Nimue Soothing Repair Serum is a light and creamy consistency which results in visible signs of long term hydration. Experience a reduction in skin irritation and an increase in skin comfort and relief. Can be used after Nimue cleanser and conditioner. Massage a thin layer into the face and neck. Follow with AM/PM moisturiser. Best applied over Pre and Post Serum for skin barrier protection.


Daily Calm and Restore  

Nimue Daily Calm and Restore is a light weight, yet deeply nourishing treatment moisturiser. It rebalances the skin’s immunity and soothes irritated skin. Experience immediate cooling and soothing of the skin and see an increase in skin resilience. Can be used AM/PM after Nimue cleanser and conditioner. Suitable for use over Soothing Repair Serum.



Soothing Repair Serum (30ml RRP €94.80)