The new Beverly Hills Formula Optic Blue Whitening Toothpaste brings you innovative Blue
Filter Technology for a brighter and whiter smile!


The Blue Filter technology forms a special layer over teeth during brushing to reflect the light, which creates an optical whitening effect after each use, making visible results immediate with this advanced technology.

The time-tested formulation containing Advanced Hydrated Silicas and Pyrophosphates also provides effective stain removal, and the 1400 ppmF Sodium Fluoride protects your enamel at the same time, for strong and healthy teeth.

Perfect White Optic Blue Whitening Toothpaste is part of the wider Perfect White range, that came from a desire to be diferent, giving you teeth that aren’t just white, but perfect white.

Perfect White Optic Blue Whitening Toothpaste is available from Tesco, Supervalu, Dunne Stores and independent pharmacies.