We cannot wait for the salons to reopen because right now our Chritsmas nails are gone and we haven’t a lash in sight. With 2020 introducing masks into our lives for the foreseeable future, now it’s all about the eyes, and KISS have exactly what you need with marvellous new releases, the likes you’ve never seen before!  As always, KISS is on hand to make your lash application as easy as possible and even more so now with their new Glue Liners and Falscara! They’ve also elevated your lash game with the introduction of their LuXtensions and So Wipsy Lashes!

Not only that, they also have some gorgeous new additions to their amazing range of at home nails, with the introduction of their Jelly Fantasy and Gel Sculpted nails, along with a Couture Collection of the much-loved imPRESS nails – perfect for keeping your hands looking beautiful all year round!


KISS Falscara Eyelash Kit: If you can Mascara, you can Falscara (RRP: €25.99)

A new way to lash, KISS brings you innovative technology once again with their Falscara. These beginner friendly lengthening WISPS come with an intuitive mascara-like applicator making it easy to use even for false lash newbies!

What’s so different about Falscara?

Traditional false eyelashes are glued to your lash line and rest on top of your lashes. Falscara WISPS attach to the underside of your natural lashes, so you can’t even see the tiny microbands that hold the WISPS together. That’s what makes them look so natural. Go from a subtle look to super glam–WISPS are buildable and customizable. And there’s no need to apply mascara before or after Falscara.

Easy to apply, comfortable and an amazingly natural look the Falscara Starter Kit includes: BOND-to prime & prep lashes. WISPS – with a unique microband and featherlight fibres that go under your natural lashes. SEAL – to remove residue and lock WISPS in place for all-day wear. APPLICATOR – for optimal WISP placement.

KISS GLUELiners in Clear & Black: Applies like eyeliner, dries like glue. (RRP: €11.99)

All that was tricky about gluing on false eyelashes is a thing of the past! From a world leader in false eyelashes, this lash glue/eyeliner makes false eyelash application absolutely fool proof! No eyelash adhesive to mess with – Black or Clear Lash GLUEliner glides on along your lash line, ready for your favourite falsies to adhere in a seamless way. Apply the NEW KISS Lash GLUEliner just as you would apply your eyeliner!

KISS Lash Couture LuXtensions Collection: 3D DIY Faux Lash Extensions Kit (RRP: €17.99)

All-In-1 Kit for easy to achieve lash extensions look, KISS LuXtensions are all you need for a True Lash Extensions Effect! Each kit contains 40 last clusters (each holds 20 lash strands), Semi-Permanent Adhesive, Precision Tweezers, and Spoolie. Lashes stay on for up to 2 weeks – like real extensions! A quick and easy application gives you professional results at an affordable price! Also contains Semi-Permanent Lash Adhesive Remover for easy removal when required.

KISS Lash Couture So Wispy Collection (RRP: €5.99)

KISS Lash Couture So Wispy uses revolutionary Tapered End Technology to deliver real-like lashes that blend seamlessly with your own lashes.

Featuring three styles:

  • 02 offer a natural looking style with length and wisp in all of the right places;
  • 03 boast a flared finish and an invisible band for a natural appearance once applied;
  • 04 bring volume and a textured finish to the party!

These high-quality lashes are ideal for wear on a day to day basis, or for a special occasion. With just the right amount of sass, these lashes are easy to apply and remove.

KISS Jelly Fantasy Nails (RRP: €10.99)

All the rage in the ’90s, jelly sandals came in vibrant, translucent shades. Now the jelly trend is back, but for nails! Sheer colour, a little texture and a coloured glass-like effect that is beyond WOW.

Jelly Fantasy ready to wear false gel nails have a translucent jelly high shine finish that looks smooth as glass; they’re durable, flexible, and so easy to apply. There are two ways to wear: glue or mega-adhesive tabs.

KISS Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nails (RRP: €9.99)

KISS Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nails are high volume ready-to-wear gel nails with a high arch just like salon sculpted acrylic false nails, that come in a variety of trendy colours! These are durable, flexible, comfortable and take minutes to apply, so you can get that salon look for an affordable price from the comfort of your own home!

KISS imPRESS Couture Collection (RRP: €12.99)

We know you love your imPRESS nails as much as we do so we’ve brought you some bigger and bolder stones accentuate on these one-step natural gel nails.

Style “Lavish” features dramatic matte black nails with rhinestone and crystal encrusted accent nails, in a short and square shape. While “Lush Life” features nude colour and glitter nails with sparkling rhinestone accent nails, in a medium length and square shape.