At Nouba, we love to get creative with our makeup, leaving the cold winter and entering into spring is the perfect excuse to do just that. But, it can be difficult to create a look that embraces festivities such as St. Patricks day whilst not making you look like a shamrock. Nouba has a brilliant selection of products to help you create a more natural look that takes inspiration from the bright springtime season.

Our chosen look combines a subtle dark green smoky eye with a bold, bright and striking red lip.



1. Begin with a brightening base – Nouba to Enhance-Equaliser Base – €27.00

Fluid base with a delicate and soft texture, able to create a light weight, impalpable and luminous film. Neutralizes immediately discoloration and skin imperfections. The skin will appear immediately smooth and naturally radiant. Equalizer with instantly leaves skin uniform and smooth.

Ingredients: Special formulation rich in smoothing active principles. multi-reflex particles with a blending effect. With hyaluronic acid, known for its moisturizing properties.

How to use: Apply a thin layer of product on skin which is perfectly clean. Massage gently into the skin with finger or stippling brush, then apply the make up   .

2. Follow with a light/medium coverage foundation – Nouba Ideale Foundation – €36.00

An innovative creamy perfecting formula that enhances the skin appearance. Its special coated micronised pigments combined with a soft focus complex ensure a sheer-to-medium coverage and an immediate blurred effect.The unique formula, rich in soft natural waxes and precious soothing oils, keeps your skin supple and protected. With an effortless, its nourishing texture provides a long-lasting natural finish. IDEALE overcomes guarantees a flawless radiant finish that’s sure to last all day. Especially created hydrate and nourish the skin.Available in 16 infused colours, every single shade unequivocally extends over multiple skin tones. Skin perfection fluid foundation. High comfort levels. Light-medium coverage. Natural radiant finish. Instant blurred effect.


  • Coated micronised pigments ensure a perfect blurred effect.
  • A special blend of natural waxes (Jojoba, Sunflower, Acacia Flower) gives the texture a luscious melting sensation, leaving a sumptuous protective veil over the skin. It acts as an emollient and regenerating ingredient for damaged skins.
  • Soft focus complex assures a flawless coverage of skin imperfections.
  • Nourishing precious oils guarantee high comfort levels.
  • Spherical powders mean the product spreads easily.
  • A balanced blend of reflecting microparticles reveals the skin’s natural allure.

How to use:  Apply with the tip of your fingers, blending sponge, or stippling or foundation blush, blending the product evenly.


3. Get that glow – Noubaglow Stick Highlighter – €27

Innovative all over stick created to obtain a lightweight dewy finish.

Its special jelly-like formula, rich in micronized iridescent pigments, gently glide on the face, guaranteeing an extraordinary radiant look. Noubaglow is the perfect solution to create an incredible light play on the skin, eyes or lips.

This product is an all-over maxi stick conceived to release an instantly dewy glow on the skin. Its gel-like texture gives sheer coverage that lasts all day.

Perfect glide and pure colour release.

Micro-reflecting particles give the face an evanescent brightness.

Special siliconic filming polymers give the perfect adherence to the skin.

Natural gels give the texture an extraordinary creaminess sensation.

Film-like resins guarantee perfect sealing throughout the day.

Emolient oils giving the skin softness and hydrating sensation.

Apply on cheek bones and bridge of nose. No brush necessary



4.Set foundation with illuminating powder – Nouba Magic Powder 19 Illuminating Loose Powder €35.00

Translucent finishing powder, impalpable and magical. The complexion will be smooth, illuminated and your make up will be fixed for the whole day. Volatile matting powder for a flawless finish.


  • Enriched with micronised pigments and spherical powders for a flawless film.
  • Jojoba oil is known for its soothing and softening properties.
  • The soft focus complex minimises optically the skin imperfections.
  •  The special lamellar particles provide a unique, smooth and silky feeling, as well as a fabulous illuminating effect on the skin.
  • Dermatologically tested. Talc free.

How to use: Place the product on the face with the sponge, let set and then remove the excess with a kabuki brush.


5. Gently contour – Nouba Earth Powder Baked Bronzer  – €24.00

Baked bronzer with a delicate and light consistency. Perfect to make the complexion more luminous and naturally tanned. It neutralizes the red and evens out and enhances all skin tones. Useful for a quick touch up during the day. Baked bronzer to give the complexion a natural, tanned shine. Modular coverage. Available either in a matte or pearly version.


  • Rich in mineral powders and micronised pigment to enhance the natural radiance.
  • The Jojoba oil has soothing and softening properties and
  • Vitamin E is known for its anti-ageing properties.
  • The soft focus complex minimises the imperfections making the complexion visibly more uniform and smooth.
  • Dermatologically tested. Fragrance free.



6. Create brows that wow – Nouba Brow Improver Set – €33

A professional set created to fill, define and shape the eyebrows. Its innovative texture allows a buildable coverage and a natural finish. You cannot go wrong! It contains a coloured cream-gel, a practical set of stencils and a double-ended applicator.


The formula is created with pure pigments, to ensure a uniform line and optimal coverage. The forming polymers keep the eyebrows perfect throughout the day, making it the perfect product for day-to-night. Contains vitamin A, known for its antioxidant action, and esters, a lubricant which gives the product a smooth and soft appearance when applied. Natural gelling agents create an invisible network for a long-lasting effect. Ophthalmologically tested.

How to use: Brush the eyebrow upwards with spoolie brush before positioning the stencil. With the brush outline the edge of your eyebrow, then fill the central area.


7. Get that green – Nouba Quattro Eyeshadow Colour 640 – €36

The formula was created to obtain a unique and innovative creaminess, adherence and shading. The soft and velvety texture glides over the eyelid, painting a clean and fresh colour. The HD texture makes this palette ideal for photographic and professional makeup.

Perfect shading and modular covering. Velvety and matte finish. HD texture. Long lasting.


  • Rosemary leaf extract gives the palette its soothing effect.
  • Sunflower oil extract assures emollient and softening properties.
  • Contains a soft focus complex, to assure the modular colouring and softness.
  • The spherical powders give extreme shading and effortless application.
  • Thin film and modular payoff are due to the presence of micronized pigments. Dermatologically tested.

Top Tip:

For a natural finish, apply dry shadow with finger or soft, medium eyeshadow blending brush. For deep, intense results apply a small drop of water directly onto the shadow, then pick up product with a medium blending brush and apply.


8. Define those lashes – Nouba Maxitech Mascara – €22

A creamy, intense and high definition mascara, Nouba Maxitech mascara makes lashes appear immediately curved, dramatic, defined and extra-long. The special “convex shape” brush catches the lashes from the roots and extends them, giving your lashes the famous Doe-Eyes effect. Extra black, high definition mascara, provides deep colour. Long lasting, perfect for day-to-night looks. Contains 18 ml.


With a special mix of sea origin actives, elastin, glycogen and collagen promoting the restructuring of the lash fibre. The special transparent base exalts the intensity of the colour. The natural waxes offer elasticity and creaminess while the natural gelling agents ensure a long lasting hold and flexibility of the lashes. Dermatologically tested. Triethanolamine, and fragrance free.

How to use: Apply thin layer from the roots to the tips of the lashes and build if necessary to add volume.


9. Finish the look – Nouba Millebaci Liquid Lipstick – €23.50

The Nouba Millebaci Liquid Lipstick is a unique kiss-proof formula. A sumptuous lip colour enriched by pure pigments for an intense colour release. Its soft texture provides a truly matte finish and delivers a lightweight film. The unique formula contains soft waxes and precious emollient oils to guarantee nourished lips. No transfer and waterproof formula. Its peculiar applicator perfectly defines even thin shades. Immediate coverage. Extra thin film. Matte and velvety finish. No transfer.

5 shades available in Ireland and UK


  • Vitamin E – antiaging properties
  • Borage oil – makes the texture soothing and highly softening.
  • Silicone elastomers – create a creamy and flexible film to avoid smudging or cracking
  • Micronised pigments – makes the colour in your product dense and bold, meaning a little goes a long way

The modular evaporation of volatile substances, fixes the color to the lips creating a light and weightless film. Delicately vanilla scented formula. Dermatologically tested.

How to use: Apply on the lips. Wait a few seconds to allow the proper fixing of the elastic polymers contained in the formula. Now you are ready to spread your 1000 kisses!



Article Author: Lara Haddaoui