There is a new product hitting pharmacies in 2020 and we at Hi HQ are super excited. We are bust in Hi HQ roadtesting the product and so far we are impressed. Danielle a busy working mom with some redness and sensitivty on her dry skin and found the foundation to offer a nice level of coverage and said it was cofmfortable to wear. The mascara gives excellent separation of lashes and adds length and won’t clump.

NOUBA was created by Rosy Armanini in 1978 after a visit to one of the Nuba tribes in Africa. Known for their extraordinary body paint used by tribes members to celebrate rituals, Rosy was inspired by their bright and bold use of colour. Nouba is also reflective of the French word ‘nouba’ meaning ‘live it up’!


Who is the NOUBA woman?

The NOUBA woman is a true diva, looking to express and transform herself and incorporate colour into her daily life. She is dynamic, original, creative and evocative in her appearance, she is innovative, and fearless.

NOUBA harnesses these characteristics and provides women with the tools to express their individuality and plurality. NOUBA products allow for thousands of interpretations, providing women with the ability to explore their own creativity.


Rosy believes that every woman belongs to the same tribe regardless of their ethnicity, cultural background or artistic expression and has created a brand that celebrates femininity by providing women with flexibility in their self-expression.


What makes NOUBA different?

  • Available in 40 countries worldwide, NOUBA is capable of adapting to meet the needs of all women.


  • NOUBA has found the perfect blend of science, beauty and innovation. NOUBA’s cutting edge approach always looks for new visions and expressions of beauty through the creation of multifunctional products. They are known for their versatility, their performance and their top-quality active ingredients



  • NOUBA makeup will boost your creativity and makeup application skills with their selection of high-quality makeup products such as eyeshadow duos, mascaras and flawless foundations. Go bold with rich pigmented shades or become a bronzed goddess with the range of baked bronzers and highlighters – there are so many different looks to be embraced with NOUBA makeup.

The Science behind it all

We are all looking for highly ‘pigmented’ makeup, but what does pigmented mean? And how does it affect the quality and coverage of your makeup? Pigment, put simply, is another word for colour. All makeup is pigmented except for that which is white. The size of the pigments in your makeup determines the richness of its colour; so your eyeshadows would contain smaller pigments than your loose setting powder.

NOUBA uses Micronised Pigments in their products. Micronised pigments are about 40,000 times thinner than a strand of hair! This makes the colour in your product dense and bold, meaning a little goes a long way! It also enables your product to spread evenly across the skin and allows for easy blending.

These micronised pigments are also coated in sugars. The sugars mimic the sebum membrane in the skin, that which produces natural oils to keep your skin smooth and supple. They are also hydrophilic, meaning that they attract water and help to hydrate your skin.


NOUBA Hero Product – NOUBAGLOW Highlighter Stick – RRP €27

Innovative all over stick created to obtain a lightweight dewy finish.

Its special jelly-like formula, rich in micronized iridescent pigments, gently glide on the face, guaranteeing an extraordinary radiant look. Noubaglow is the perfect solution to create an incredible light play on the skin, eyes or lips


This product is an all-over maxi stick conceived to release an instantly dewy glow on the skin. Its gel-like texture gives sheer coverage that lasts all day.


Perfect glide and pure colour release.

Micro-reflecting particles give the face an evanescent brightness.

Special siliconic filming polymers give the perfect adherence to the skin.

Natural gels give the texture an extraordinary creaminess sensation.

Film-like resins guarantee perfect sealing throughout the day

Emolient oils giving the skin softness and hydrating sensation.