Is there anything better than a new scent? Nuxe is a firm favourite here in Hi HQ and we always adore a daytime scent that contains Orange blossom. Nighttime calls for more sensuality though and Jasmine is utra feminine and sexy. For under €50 we have two great releases to tell you about from cult brand Nuxe.


Nuxe has added two eau de parfums to their fragrance collection, two emotions in direct contact with the skin captured in the evanescence of the first and last rays of sunshine: a fresh and luminous MORNING and a sensual and bold EVENING. The result is an intense and poetic duality, freeing your senses and finally making everything possible. The graduated shading of the bottles and textured effects on the boxes reflect the first and last rays of sunshine. Launching November 2019

A luminous moment when all the senses awaken
In the first rays of sunshine, when the light shines through and awakens all our senses, We have the sensation that the world is ours.
At the dawn of a new day filled with promises, Orange Blossom cloaks the soul in its sensual aura. This bright awakening is taken to new heights with the vibrant freshness of Petitgrain, heralding the emergence of radiant femininity. An enveloping harmony of Cashmere Musk caresses the skin one last time, a final touch of soft ness before entering into the light

“My inspiration for the creation of Le Matin des Possibles was a very personal memory of a morning in Morocco when I came across an orange tree in full blossom. I blended essential oil of Petitgrain with an Orange Blossom absolute in an attempt to recreate that moment when the sun rises and illuminates the world with its first rays. Th e dawning of a new day where anything is possible.”

A sensual moment when all the senses ignite
In the last rays of sunshine, When shadows come to life and ignite all our senses, We trust only in our desires
Under the influence of a seductive Sambac Jasmine, desire takes on nuances of free and natural sensuality. When darkness seeks to dispel the last rays of daylight, the voluptuousness of Patchouli envelops you in absolute femininity and tangy notes of Blackcurrant Sorbet thrill the skin

“I tuned into my instinct to create this scent. A scent needs to awaken sensations and emotions in the person who wears it. A sunset exercises a fascinating attraction… To translate this sensuality, I chose to showcase the captivating scent of Sambac Jasmine. “