Nuxe has reinvented its iconic oil with the creation of Huile Prodigieuse floral (€33.00), a fresh and luminous olfactory experience celebrating sweet and romantic femininity.

The powers of seven precious 100% botanical oils
Huile Prodigieuse Floral obviously features the same natural composition as the classic version, which has demonstrated its ability to nourish, repair and beautify skin and hair. Containing 96.9% ingredients of natural origin, it combines seven precious botanical oils: Tsubaki (moisturising), Argan (repairing), Macadamia (nourishing), Borage (smoothing), Camellia (moisturising), Hazelnut (protecting), Sweet Almond (softening). Its unique dry oil texture is identical to the original version to ensure a silky feel on the skin and a non-oily finish.

This novel fragrance is a bright bouquet of floral notes, including the joyful notes of blossoming magnolia. This floral heart comes together with an enveloping base of white musks and zesty citrus top notes: a mischievous harmony of grapefruit blends with essences of Lemon, Orange and Calabrian Bergamot. Features Orange blossom, the signature note in Huile Prodigieuse, but with a fresh take enhanced by the addition of Essence of Petitgrain.

Multiuse Purpose

Apply a few drops of Huile Prodigieuse oils directly to your face or mix it in the palm of your hand with your NUXE face care. For an immediate “glow” effect, add a drop of Huile Prodigieuse to your foundation or dab over your face for a “strobing” effect.

Applied to the shoulders, décolleté, hands, legs and more, Huile Prodigieuse nourishes and beautifies the body in a single step. For very dry skin, choose the ‘Riche’ version. Add a few drops to your NUXE body scrub to leave your skin feeling satiny smooth. To enhance your tan or add a sheen to your legs, opt for the golden ‘Or’ version.

Huile Prodigieuse Riche effectiveness in reducing the colour of stretch marks has been measured by a dermatologist. The results are clear, showing a reduction of 27%. Huile Prodigieuse Riche can be applied to all areas affected by stretch marks (arms, legs, thighs, décolleté, stomach) and has shown its efficacy on the appearance of all types of stretch marks (linked to pregnancy or weight variations).

Applied for fifteen minutes as a mask before shampooing, Huile Prodigieuse provides a deep nourishing effect for dry hair. Applied sparingly to dry hair, it tames frizz after blow-drying and illuminates the lengths.