Dry chapped lips from the weather are the norm here at Hi HQ. None of us have been doing much kissing thanks to the pandemic but we figure now is the time to get our lips lush . Just as well Nuxe have launched their new balms. Take a look below.


The ultra-nourishing and repairing lip balm with Honey by NUXE is creating a real buzzzzzz with 3 new irresistible limited editions to collect: BEE FREE, BEE HAPPY, WE LOVE BEE. With their rich amber hues. We think they are the “bees’ knees”!
The iconic formula of the ultra-nourishing and repairing Lip Balm with Honey concentrates all the treasures of the hive. Honey, Beeswax, Propolis Oleo-active… real apitherapy to bring a smile to your face! It also contains precious botanical oils and Shea Butter for an intensely comforting effect on lips in need of a sweet boost. 
The balm has also proven its benefits with spectacular results on dry and damaged lips, obtained in conditions of extreme cold. So, keep dry and cracked lips at bay this Winter with these little pots of gold (€12).