Leave the worries of the world behind and set your sights on a clear perspective this year with a commitment to finally tackle, soothe, and repair sensitive eye area with BIODERMA’s Atoderm Intensive Eye cream. Don’t let dry or irritated skin hold you back from the latest in skincare innovation with this dermatologically tested product that is proved to manage skin irritation and rejuvenate fine lines for sensitive Irish skin.


Now more than ever, we have come to realise that our eyes hold cultural significance. They act as the windows to our soul and how we use our eyes to communicate non-verbally has become a fundamental part of our lives. Communication in the era of masks has changed how we connect with others dramatically. The ‘smize’ action, or smiling with your eyes, has returned as common practice to enhance the emotive power of our eyes, so keeping them healthy and protected from external, irritating elements is of utmost importance.


Atoderm Intensive Eye cream offers a refreshing, daily self-care routine that does not over-treat eyelid skin. Instead, providing only the required ingredients at the right dose meaning less products are applied with less friction and irritation. Suitable for those with sensitive skin or more severe atopic eczema, Atoderm Intensive Eye has proven results[1] on symptoms with 95% less itching, 89% less dryness and 100% free from burning sensation. It contains restorative hyaluronic acid and is rich and creamy in texture to soothe the eye area for long-lasting results.


Eyelid irritation, eczema and dermatitis of the eyelids are extremely common problems among Irish consumers that can often lead to self-esteem issues if not treated. Research from BIODERMA found that 1 out of 3[2] people experience inflammation on the eyelid. Aggravating factors that escalate these problems can come from direct contact with fragrances, make-up or eyelash glue, airborne pollens or contact with hands – did you know we touch our eyes with our fingers over 100 times a day! Environmental factors like Ireland’s notorious cold snaps and thus, central heating extremes, can wreak havoc on Celtic skin, causing dryness and flare-ups around sensitive areas such as the eyes, especially for those with eczema. Atoderm Intensive Eye is specifically designed as a unique solution to help reduce this redness and itchiness to help keep eyelids protected and soothed throughout the day.


The unique 3-in-1 formula, specifically designed for dry to irritated eyelids, soothes, repairs, and removes make-up with a creamy gel texture that melts onto the skin, cleanses without needing to rinse and acts as a good make-up base. It also has a high tolerance formula that is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, suitable for contact lens wearers, and most notably, safe for use among adults, children, and babies.

Speaking about the benefits and unique formulation of Atoderm Intensive Eye cream, Selene Daly, Dermatology Nurse Specialist, said; “Our eyelids have the very important job of protecting and aiding in hydrating our eyes, yet 60-70% of women can experience eyelid dermatitis in their lifetime.  This is often caused by irritant or allergic triggers from substances in our environment. Atoderm Intensive Eye stimulates lipid production to restore the skin barrier and contains hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration. This unique eye care product is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t block pores and doesn’t contain harmful preservatives.”


By taking back control and introducing Atoderm’s fragrance free Intensive Eye cream into your everyday skin routine, you will strengthen your eyelids, restore the skin balance, and avoid future flare-ups.

Atoderm Intensive Eye cream is available to purchase from independent pharmacies nationwide and online from www.meagherspharmacy.ie. RRP from €19.00.

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