Organised Chaos – Ireland’s Very Own Marie Kondo

If you’re caught up in the Marie Kondo craze, look no further than Ireland’s own Sarah Reynolds from Organised Chaos. Established in 2010, Organised Chaos is Dublin’s first professional decluttering and organising business bringing both style and function to homes and office spaces throughout Dublin. From an early age, Sarah has loved organising, and her passion for this helps homeowners and businesses restore a sense of tranquillity to their spaces.

While on a career break in New York, Sarah worked under America’s number one organiser Julie Morgenstern. Here, she learned her craft and returned home where she set up Organised Chaos, where she’s been helping clients find their inner organiser ever since. Sarah’s book, “Organised-Simple Tips to Declutter your House, your Schedule and your Mind” shares her tips with people at home, sharing a wealth of advice on how to organise everything from your home to your routine.
Apart from the practical improvements that Organised Chaos has provided for its clients, Sarah has seen how a new sense of order can inspire change in other areas of their lives. Through her practical and simple solutions, people change from feeling overwhelmed to calm and in control.  We’re all guilty of using the phrases (or excuses) “I’ll keep it, just in case I need it someday”, “it might come back into fashion”, “the kids would notice if I got rid of it”, “but it cost a fortune” etc, but it’s time to delete them from your vocabulary and change your thought process and approach.


As Sarah says “clutter is the symptom, procrastination is the cause. Procrastination is, and always will be, the enemy of organisation” and with that in mind, from the 1st of February Organised Chaos is offering an online Declutter It Yourself Service (€129). If you prefer to organise on your own, on a tight budget or are a little embarrassed, this is the perfect opportunity to get guidance on how to start and plan your organising! The service will include the following:

  • Single Project
  • 60 minute Video Consultation. Use video to get to know each other, to take a look around the space virtually and to discuss in depth what organisation is working and what’s not.
  • Professional Personalised Action Plan
  • Simple strategy to follow to attack the organisation in each room
  • Full Shopping list of suggested storage products that are easy to find

Available from the 1st of February there are 12 slots available a month. Slots are released on the 1st of each month and open for bookings for 3 days only.