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Primark is today proud to announce the launch of its first skincare range registered with The Vegan Society. The PS… Naturals range is a collection of four products each carrying The Vegan Society’s sunflower trademark. PS… Naturals uses some of the latest botanical ingredients to offer Primark customers a choice of products that can help skin feel refreshed from dawn to dusk. The carefully curated range includes four skincare products, of which at least 90% of the ingredients are of natural origin such as organic coconut water and Australian Kakadu plum. PS Naturals… also includes accessories made with FSC certified wood. and organic cotton pads.

The skincare products within the range have all been registered with the Vegan Society, meaning they all fully comply with strict criteria set by the Society that created the word ‘vegan’ in 1944. Launched in 1990, the Vegan Society’s Sunflower Trademark is the most trusted standard for vegan consumers.  PS… Naturals’ registration with the Vegan Society follows Primark gaining Cruelty-Free International’s prestigious Leaping Bunny accreditation last year, whose logo provides a visible reminder that cosmetics at Primark are officially cruelty-free.

With more and more Primark customers looking for products made with more natural ingredients to match their lifestyles, the introduction of the PS… Naturals range, available from £1.50 to £2.50 (€1.60 – €2.70) provides even more choice for affordable skincare on the high street. PS… Naturals also features a body brush and nail brush that are made with FSC certified wood and organic cotton pads – so Primark customers can enjoy products from the range as part of their broader skincare routine.

Introducing the PS… Naturals:

PS… Naturals Skincare products: PS… Naturals includes four new skincare products: a daily moisturiser, a gentle face wash, an oil to balm cleanser and an overnight sleep mask. All four products are made with at least 90% or more ingredients of natural origin to help your skin glow from organic coconut water and Australian Kakadu Plum.

PS… Naturals organic cotton pads: Organic cotton used in Primark’s organic cosmetic pads is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified… The GOTS  certifies the cotton has been grown using recognised organic methods and manufacturing, from harvesting raw materials, through to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labelling.

PS.. Naturals accessories: The PS… Naturals range includes six accessories including a body sponge, an exfoliating mitt, wooden body brush, a three-pack of exfoliating discs, a back exfoliator and a wooden nail brush. Both the body brush and nail brush are made with FSC certified wood, meaning Primark customers can be confident the wood used in the handles of these products comes from sustainably managed forests.

Primark takes its responsibility as a leading international retailer seriously and strives to reduce its impact on the environment where it can. Primark works hard to ensure that products produced on its behalf are made with care for people, animals and the and the environment. The introduction of the PS… Naturals range is just one of the ways that Primark is finding new ways to make and sell the products that Primark customers love. Primark’s first skincare range to be registered with The Vegan Society follows the introduction of Primark’s first range of environmentally-friendly glitter in April this year and the introduction of pyjamas, jeans and homeware made with sustainable cotton sourced from the Primark Sustainable Cotton Programme.