If you pay meticulous attention to your skin, you might have noticed small areas of discolouration and darkening. Yes, freckles are cute, but we are not talking freckles, these are larger, uneven dark patches that seem to persist on your face, neck, shoulders, and hands. Pigmentation is caused by your skin’s arch nemesis, aka the sun. You are probably already pretty up to date with the ways that UVA rays can wreck your skin. However, we wanted to really get to the bottom of the causes, the cures, and every other pigmentation related problem/question we have ever had. Yon-Ka Paris range of sun care and dark spot correctors Is our new best friend this summer!

Yon-Ka Paris SPF 20 UVA – UVB 150ml…€42.50

This fine, quickly absorbed texture is the perfect protection for medium, easily tanned skin during sun exposure. When used on face and body, it maintains skin hydration and helps the skin fight free radicals. Containing Vitamin E & Vegetable Glycerine which hydrates and regenerates the skin, helping prevent against pigmentation and other sun damage

Yon-Ka Paris Lait Auto-Bronzant… 50ml €52.50

All throughout the year, this self-bronzer for your face and body, gives you a natural, perfect, and flattering glow without exposure to the sun. The ‘Yon-Ka Plus’ is that it acts as a true caring, hydrating, and nourishing cream. For best results, exfoliate and moisturise your skin before applying for the first time. When applying to the face, avoid spreading to the hairline or eyebrows. This is the perfect way to get that sun kissed look without subjecting your skin to the negative affects that come with a natural tan

Yon-Ka Paris Essential White Crème Lumiere … 50ml €75.00

Unifying brightening cream enriched in time-defying vitamin C, this hydrating cream visibly reduces the appearance of discolouration. In just a few minutes, the appearance of discolouration fades away, your complexion is enhanced, evened out, brighter, and radiant. Now protected, your skin glows with newfound illumination, and remains perfectly comfortable and balanced. Contains apple extract, hyaluronic acid in a high molecular weight and beech bud peptides

Yon-Ka Paris Essential White Solution Clarte … 30ml €56.50

A daily bright peel solution. This gentle peeling treatment helps eliminate dead skin cells, reduce skin discolouration, and improve skin quality. Your skin appears clearer and smoother, and your complexion recovers long lasting evenness, radiance, and brightness. Containing Indica flower extract, AHA and apple extract. This is the perfect daily treatment to prevent and improve discolouration as a result of sun exposure, but make sure to still always wear your SPF!


From root to seed, more than 130 plants from around the world are included in Yon-Ka’s reference of ingredients. They are offered within a line of face treatments, skin care, and sun care products to optimally address the needs of women and men.

We strive to use organic plant extracts that meet the quality and efficacy requirements of our laboratories. The concentrated energy in essential oils obtained through distillation are key to Yon-Ka formulations and your customized regimen. These powerful active ingredients require special expertise and mastery to develop the exact concentrations and ideal efficacy/safety ratio. Each and every essential oil used in our formulas goes through an extremely strict control procedure. They undergo testing to identify their complex Phyto-chemistry, confirm their conformity, and ensure their safety.

Yon-Ka products are made in France, are not tested on animals, and comply with strict formulation guidelines. Yon-ka Paris skincare is available from professional salons nationwide.