Are you looking for a scent to cativate and win the heart of someone special this winter? An exclusive edition for the holiday season, Pivoine Suzhou Soie de Nacre offers a luminous version of the original fragrance infused with irresistible silky nacre flakes.  Like each of the fragrances in the Armani/Privé Les Eaux Collection, Pivoine Suzhou draws inspiration a legendary garden, the ancient Chinese city of Suzhou, with its canals that thread through in stunning harmony. Reigning as its queen, the most graceful and noble flower, the peony; a symbol of happiness and femininity, radiating each year. Pivoine Suzhou Soie de Nacre is an ode to the tender heart of peony, its petals like pale pink silk pearls, its fragrance, delicate and sublime.


Sensual freshness of Asian gardens

With Pivoine Suzhou, Giorgio Armani reinterprets the eau de toilette, blending elegance and freshness with a soft and lingering sensuality. It is the first Armani/Privé fragrance inspired by a legendary Asian garden. Pivoine Suzhou is also a tribute to China’s most prized flower, the peony. Mandarin, pink pepper and raspberry accentuate the spicy and fruity facets of the flower. The heart is sumptuously feminine: an opulent bouquet of peony and May rose. Its elegant seduction is prolonged in the ambery notes of Orcanox™ and musk heightened with a hint of patchouli. The fragrance envelops the skin in a silky caress.


A bottle with a silky nacre effect

Infused in delicate nacre flakes, the Pivoine Suzhou Soie de Nacre fragrance reveals a unique, velvety texture that kindles an irresistible desire to possess it, touch it, and breathe it in. The eye is captivated by the pale pink opalescence. Housed in the cool glass, the porcelain shade shimmers with white nacre and transforms in a continuous alchemy of light and movement. The smooth cap boasts an undefinable but perfectly balanced design. Its pale pearlescent pink colour radiates light. Lift the stopper and step into an unforgettable enchanted garden. Dressed in its holiday finery, the precious bottle is presented in an ivory case like a treasured gem. A poem written in bronze Chinese characters is inscribed on the outer box. An ode to everything that is rare and beautiful. To everything that stirs emotions.


The Giorgio Armani Pivoine Suzhou Soie de Nacre will be available exclusively in Ireland at Brown Thomas Dublin, Limerick and Cork and online at

RRP: €170.00