Planning a solo trip abroad? Here are five key tips to stay safe

Solo travelling is said to be an adventure like no other. But even for the most courageous of women, the thought of travelling alone can be quite intimidating.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, the Tropical Medical Bureau has provided their five essential tips for solo female travellers. So, if you ever do decide to hit the open road solo, you’ll be more than prepared.

1) Research the destination before you go

Whether it be figuring out the culture, knowing where’s best to pick up some local delicacy or simply what streets and corners to avoid – understanding your destination is vital! Knowing your surroundings, the area and the people will all pay off if you were ever to find yourself in a sticky situation.

2) Always check in

Yes we know, you’re there to immerse yourself in your surroundings not your phone! But, it’s always important to check in with loved ones when possible. Be it a check in on Facebook or the old-fashioned way. This will give them peace of mind and most importantly, they’ll know you’re safe and enjoying yourself.

Planning a solo trip abroad? Here are five key tips to stay safe

3) Travel during the day

More incidents happen at night than during the day. So, if you’re planning on heading on a long journey, try your best to travel during the day when possible. If you’ve no option but to travel at night, make sure you’re using trusted transport.

4) Ooze confidence!

Solo female travellers who look lost or confused can often attract the wrong kind of attention – try your best to carry yourself with confidence. Learning a few words in the local language, buying a local newspaper and carrying it on view and wearing outfits that don’t scream ‘tourist’ will all help you blend in just right.

Planning a solo trip abroad? Here are five key tips to stay safe

5) Trust your gut

There’s a lot to be said about the power of intuition. If something or someone gives you an uneasy vibe, simply walk away. Listening to your gut will often help you steer away from danger into safety or help you find your way in uncertain territory.

In short, it isn’t about scaremongering, it’s just important to be prepared. Happy travels!