Today, those craving lustrous lengths have an array of different options to choose from when it comes to faux lengths, which can leave one overwhelmed when deciding what type of hair extensions to opt for. My advice? Head to the experts at Platinum Hair.

What are your options?

Firstly, and probably the most popular are bonds that last for three to five months. A semi-permanent method using invisible tapes that lasts between six to eight weeks. And a temporary method, the completely seamless clip-ins. You must take these out each evening. All the extension types are Human, and you can style them as if they are your own hair.

My Experience

When I first got my Platinum extensions 18 months ago, apart from love at first sight, the biggest surprise was that people were not calling me out for getting them done. Sometimes it can be obvious when you get a set but that I was shocked that they could not tell I had them in (aside from the fact my hair had inexplicably grown overnight). I have tried many different types of bonded extensions but in all honesty in terms of value for money and ease of maintenance I love Platinum.

In the past, I always assumed that if by some miracle I was able to get hair extensions that looked good I would inevitably have to accept long-term hair damage as a compromise. Luckily, during my consultation – a must before the big commit to extensions – Rebecca, The Manager of the Cork Store alleviated  this fear, explaining that quality placement twinned with proper home care eradicates this. That is why it is important to do your research. “Not all brands and methods are created equally,” she added. “Your hair should look as good if not better than when you put them in; that’s when you know your hair is being protected. At Platinum regardless of the application, bonds or tapes, the hair is the priority ” All the teams in Platinum are fully trained to our standards, as are the salon stockists. You just need to be stringent about not keeping them in too long.   I would have to agree. The last set I had, I could not have removed due to the pandemic and even though I could attend the salon they were able to provide me with their remover, so they slid out effortlessly. There was no damage to my own hair and my scalp did not suffer at all.

What about clip ins?  That all comes down to having high-quality hairpieces that have been cleverly positioned to blend in with your own locks. Perhaps the most important factor though, is to focus on achieving body as well as length. That way, instead of getting super-long extensions that are obvious, the smaller, specifically placed hairpieces plumps up the hair and makes it appear healthier and more voluminous in the process. The range of tempting colours has something for everyone.

The aftercare products?

Unfortunately, your normal haircare product arsenal does not tend to measure up once you have extensions, mainly because the hair that is not your own will respond differently to washing and styling. However, Platinum have their own multi award winning range of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products as well as a brush. They are competitively priced, smell amazing and are super effective. They also retail Italian Brand Semi Di Lino which is affordable and smells great.


The Power

So recently I had a half head of The Power Collection applied. Usually I get a full head of their Prestige but fancied something different and I like to try new things. The quality is just insanely good. It is thick and luxurious without looking disjointed from your own hair. I wanted luxe volume, and these did not disappoint me. In terms of comfort and ease of styling they are incredible too.


My tips as a now veteran of extensions:.

One of the biggest mistakes is a careless hair wash. “Don’t squeeze your hair into a bun on the top of your head when you shampoo and avoid scalp massages as they loosen the bonds. Rinse it well as you need more rinse time with extensions. Instead, apply shampoo directly to the scalp and carefully through the ends, only using conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends (the same goes for hair oil).

Use a detangling spray before brushing wet hair and use a brush that is designed for extensions. Sleep with the hair loosely plaited. Brush the hair regularly and use quality products. Avoid firm hold hair spray as it causes breakage I find in my own hair. To blow dry them.

Dry them immediately and use a good quality brush

Head for a maintenace blowdry once a month. Get your stylist to check your hair over and give it a treatment and some TLC.