Prepare for an oral beauty revolution! Polished London, a pioneer in cutting-edge, science-backed oral care and beauty products, is set to unveil its latest creation: The groundbreaking Hyaluronic Teeth Whitening Powder.

Building upon the triumph of its original bestselling innovation, Polished London proudly introduces the reimagined, advanced Hyaluronic acid Teeth Whitening Powder—a beauty revelation meticulously crafted to rejuvenate your smile with a potent blend of enriching, restorative ingredients, proudly presented in its brand new, stunning, eco-friendly packaging.

Seamlessly integrating into your beauty routine, this extraordinary product not only erases stains but also nurtures and revitalises your teeth and gums, offering an unmatched level of oral care while bestowing you with a radiant, confident smile.

Hyaluronic acid, a renowned and celebrated skincare elixir, steals the spotlight in this delicate yet robust formula. Naturally present in our skin, its levels diminish with age, making it an essential inclusion in your beauty regimen. Within the realm of oral care, hyaluronic acid champions gum and tissue hydration, stimulating antimicrobial saliva production to naturally protect your oral health.

Its incredibly effective, minty-fresh whitening formula contains the active powerhouse ingredient PAP PRO that effortlessly erases stains to reveal a luminous, radiant, and unforgettable smile, without the discomfort of harsh, peroxide-based sensitivity. Crafted with meticulous attention to enamel safety and free from abrasive agents, each application leaves you with a revitalising, dentist-clean sensation, ensuring your oral care experience transcends the ordinary to something truly exceptional.

The additional of Vitamins A and C help to regenerate and stimulate collagen production to support oral tissue health, whilst Vitamin E, celebrated for its antioxidant prowess, contributes to a more youthful and vibrant smile by protecting against free radicals that can damage the health of your mouth. Hydroxyapatite works diligently behind the scenes, remineralising tooth enamel, fortifying your teeth, and enhancing their innate resilience. Together, these incredible ingredients work in tandem to create a symphony of beauty and well-being for your oral cavity.

In line with Polished’s unwavering commitment to ethical practices, this product proudly upholds a 100% vegan and cruelty-free status. Moreover, its brand new and exquisitely sleek packaging is more than just visually appealing; it is eco-friendly, too. Expertly crafted from sustainable materials, it champions a plastic-free approach that not only enhances your beauty routine, but makes a contribution to our planet’s well-being.