Our skin hasn’t seen the light of a facialist in months. We were interested in getting some help. At Hi HQ we aren’t shy to try gadgets and when we heard about the Foreo lastest launch we were intrigued.

FOREO’s revolutionary UFO 2 device is like the Swiss Army Knife of the beauty world. With T-Sonic™ facial massaging, full-spectrum LED light therapy, faster heating and cooling and optimised app-led treatments, UFO 2 takes skincare infusion and at-home power-masking to the next level.

Fit for all skin tones, types, and ages, UFO 2 will help you target specific skin conditions and boost its radiance.

With personalised device settings, you can create your own power mask routine by selecting/adjusting individual technologies according to your skincare needs and preferences. Lastly, you can also use the device over your favourite sheet mask or to apply your favourite skincare products (creams, oils, serums) for further absorption!

Sounds like a dream am I right?  So how does it work?

With T-Sonic™ facial massaging, full-spectrum LED light therapy, upgraded tech, faster heating and cooling and optimised app-led treatments, UFO 2 takes skincare infusion and at-home power-masking to the next level. Its hyper-infusion technology (the combination of Thermo-Therapy, Cryo-Therapy and T-Sonic™ pulsations that work together to boost the effects of your choice of mask while offering deeper dermal absorption and a gentle facial massage) drives ingredients deeper into the skin to get nutrients down where they work best – below the surface. Add it all up and you have the next best thing to a professional-level facial treatment.

● Full-spectrum LED Light: 8 different LED lights add maximum power to any of the UFO Power Activated Masks when paired with this device. Each light has different qualities that expertly activate key ingredients within individual masks and prepare a dedicated and customised treatment. Purple LED reduces the appearance of fine lines and boosts radiance. White LED tightens the appearance of skin and reduces puffiness. Green LED brightens a dull complexion and evens skin tone. Orange LED revitalises and awakens skin for a healthy glow. Blue LED reduces the appearance of imperfections. Cyan LED calms and relieves stressed skin. Yellow LED reduces redness and soothes skin. Red LED diminishes signs of ageing for younger-looking skin


. ● Thermo-therapy (heating): Gentle and super-fast heating technology instantly softens and preps skin to infuse mask ingredients even deeper. The upgraded technology inside the UFO 2 ensures that the device delivers heat to skin 5-times faster delivering your treatment near instantly to a temperature of 45°c.


● Cryo-therapy (cooling): Famous for being an ‘instant youth solution’, cryo-therapy instantly cools skin giving a firmer and more lifted appearance while shrinking pores and reducing puffiness.


● T-Sonic Pulsations: 10,000 pulsations per minute provide a soothing facial massage that facilitates the absorption of active ingredients and increases the effectiveness of UFO mask formulas. They also help to diffuse facial muscle tension to smooth the appearance of fine lines and reduce puffiness. FOREO recently released the Cannabis Seed Oil mask, part of the Farm To Face Collection of masks, crafted from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world including hydrating Bulgarian Rose, purifying Green Tea and smoothing Acai Berry to name a few.


Savour every moment of a soothing facial massage, while this patented technology boosts absorption of skincare ingredients and leaves you with nourished, healthy-looking skin!

FOREO UFO 2- €279 at foreo.com (also available at Arnotts)

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