Who doesn’t love a good skiing holiday? The sometimes forgotten downside of doing winter sports is the fact they can accelerate the ageing process if you don’t protect yourself properly.

Snow and ice reflect up to 80 percent of UV rays that reach the ground. Skiers and snowboarders increase their risk of getting sunburned even more because UV exposure increases at higher altitudes.

What if you could protect your skin and improve the quality of it at the same time while you ski? Lilikoi Mineral Defense Sport Sunscreen SPF 30 contains Lilikoi (passion fruit) seed oil, which is rich in Vitamin C and helps with visible signs of ageing along with Raspberry Seed Oil – another strong injection of antioxidant rich Vitamin C, along with Aloe Vera which alleviates the appearance of damage from sun exposure and hydrates the skin. Zinc oxide is the natural barrier that blocks harmful rays.


An easy-to-apply sport formulation for your face and body, this SPF 30 mineral sunscreen is non-greasy and water-resistant for up to 40 minutes. It’s highly effective for outdoor activities and high-performance sports where perspiration can impact standard sunscreen efficacy, this zinc oxide sunscreen protects from head-to-toe.


Lilikoi Mineral Defense Sport Sunscreen is a water resistant ‘sport’ formulation which helps keep your skin protected from UV damage, even when swimming or sweating. Antioxidants minimise the appearance of accelerated ageing. It delivers a lightweight finish with a fresh, natural look to the skin. Eminence Organics is constantly innovating our product formulations to deliver the best results.


Key Ingredients


Zinc Oxide: natural mineral blocks UV rays to protect skin from sunburn

Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Seed Oil: contains Vitamin C and antioxidants which help with the visible signs of ageing

Raspberry Seed Oil: moisturiser. Antioxidant and rich in Vitamin C which minimise the appearance of ageing

Aloe Vera: moisturiser; soothes dry skin, alleviates the appearance of damage from sun exposure, hydrates and softens the skin


Go to: www.eminence.ie, or call +353 (0)1 677 7911. €59.00 and from The Wicklow Street Clinic, 13 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2.