As the world progresses, pollution becomes and increasingly pressing issue. We know the toll it takes on the environment, but lesser known—until now—are its adverse effects on your skin.

  • Pollution generate free radicals on your skin. Free radicals are unstable molecules that have a destructive effect on your skin and have been proven to accelerate the ageing process.
  • Small nanoparticles in the form of dirt, dust or soot can enter and negatively impact your skin cells causing premature ageing in a process called oxidation
  • Additionally pollution can cause irritation, rashes and breakouts, particularly peaks in pollution. Dirt particles can accumulate on skin’s surface which can clog pores when they mix with your skin cells and oils.

Make simple changes to your skin care routine to help rid and protect your skin from pollutants this World Health Day, with Novexpert


1.Deep cleansing

Use a micellar water twice a day to wash off particles and soot that may have attached themselves to your skin. Micellar water attracts dirt and dust like a magnet but feels gentle like water on skin. At night, you can make sure that every single particle has been taken off by following the micellar water with a gentle cleanser.

Novexpert Micellar Water with Hyaluronic Acid – RRP €23

A soap-free micellar water that effectively cleanses in one simple step without rinsing. There’s no need to rub for a thorough cleanse—just a quick swipe—and makeup easily clings to the formula. The micellar water features cleansing spheres that effectively lift and eliminate impurities, oil and makeup from your complexion.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, this anti-ageing cleansing formula soothes, moisturises softens and repulps the skin. It also contains probiotic to restore the natural flora of your skin. This 3 in 1 Micellar Water will act as your Cleanser, Make-Up Remover and an Anti-Ageing Care.

Novexpert’s Micellar Water is of 100% natural origin, does not contain PEG, silicon or any other preservatives and is hypoallergenic. It leaves the skin feeling soft and luxuriously comfortable. Suitable for all types of skin.

Expert Advice: Pour some drops of micellar water on a cotton. Apply on the face -from inside to outside. The Novexpert micellar water is a cleanser no washing off required. However, you can complete your cleansing ritual with a vaporization of water or apply a tonic.

Novexpert Milky Hydro-Biotic Cleanser – RRP €23

We clean our face an average number of 40,000 times in a lifetime. This is the 1st cutaneous anti-depressant Cleanser for sensitive skin. The skin and brain are directly connected. When you have the blues, your skin suffers. Magnesium is truly calming and soothing epidermal sensors directly connected to the brain.

All the more reason to choose Novexpert Hydrobiotic Milky Cleanser. It does not contain harsh soap, is not drying and does not strip the skin of its own hydro-lipid layer and its own protective flora. With added magnesium, this milky cleanser soothes the immune and nervous system and reduces skin inflammation.

FILM Restored (Natural omegas) + FLORA Preserved (Pre & Probiotics) + Sensitivity SOOTHED (Magnesium)



2. Exfoliate

Regardless of your skin type, everyone should exfoliate their skin 1-3 times every week. Exfoliants, whether mechanical, chemical or enzamatic, help remove dirt, dust and other pollutants from the deeper layers of our skin allowing for a deeper cleanse. It better preps your skin for a face mask, serum or moisturiser allowing the product to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin.


Novexpert – The Peeling Night Cream with Vitamin C – RRP €45

Beauty sleep takes on a new meaning with the Peeling Night Cream! The Peeling Night Cream is a powerful skin renewal program with renovated 3D peeling cream boosted by hyaluronic acid with an ultra-silky texture. Simply apply the peeling cream before bed and wake up to an incredibly soft, refined, smooth skin! With the trio-peeling technology boosted by Papaya Extract, Glycolic Acid and Arginine, you can now wake up to a brighter, stunning “new skin”. Novexpert research offers to go deeper into night renewal treatments.


==> Fast peeling with papaya extract and glycolic AHA
==> Progressive peeling with PHA and AHC.

3D PEELING to act on all skin layers
==> On surface peeling with PHA and papaya extract
==> In-depth peeling with AHC and AHA glycolic AHA.
PHA*: very soft fruits acid also called gluconolactone.
AHC*: lactic acid grafted onto arginine for a progressive release.

Powerful Stages of new skin:

Reduces Hyperpigmentation with PHA, AHA & Papaya
Boost Radiance
Rejuvenates Skin


Novexpert Velvety Scrub Hydro-Biotic – RRP – €16

Gently renew your skin thanks to this silky soft and creamy scrub with a velvety feel.

This velvety scrub is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used all over the face and lips. It provides a 3D scrub by exfoliating and the polishing the skin surface. With 0% preservative and enriched with pre & probiotics, this gentle scrub preserves the skin’s natural flora. It also protects the hyrdo-lipidic film and soothes “hypersensitive” nerves. Apply the scrub generously on clean skin, gently massage and rinse with warm water to reveal soft, fresh, luminous skin! 


3. Hydrate all layers of your skin

Cleansing your skin with such regularity, although necessary to remove damaging pollutants, can sometimes strip away much-needed moisture from your skin. Target signs of dehydration deep down and use a serum every night.

Novexpert Booster Serum with 5 Omegas – RRP €56

Novexpert Omega Booster Serum is an effective moisturising and nourishing serum for the face. Intense nutrition care – the anti-ageing cocktail contains active vitamins and Omega oils 3,6,7 & 9.
The omega-oil-based serum is absorbed immediately, leaving the skin velvety and deeply moisturised.

It is by discovering the effects of vegetable oils with omegas on the atopic skin of her daughter that Dr Rossella decided to formulate this Booster Serum for every dry or weakened skin. In Germany, psoriasis is even treated by omegas drip by intravenous.

To boost skin nutrition, you can use it before :
==> a moisturising mask
==> a moisturising face cream
==> a moisturising hand cream
==> a body milk anti-stretch marks (Ok for pregnant)
==> an after-sun care


4. Protect your skin at night

Pollutants are constantly attacking your skin, both during the day and at night. They can draw out moisture form your skin making it look duller in appearance. Apply a suitable moisturiser at night to help lock in the skin’s moisture.


Novexpert Expert Ant-Ageing Cream – RRP €45

The Expert Anti-Ageing Cream is a 100% natural anti-wrinkle care that ensures profound and visible anti-ageing thanks to the patented Novaxy line that stimulates stem cell activation and effectively combats free radicals. The cream with a rich texture works both preventive and corrective on starting, superficial and deep wrinkles.

Suitable for normal to dry skin. Unisex and from 30 years of age onwards depending on diet and lifestyle.

Can be used day and/or night. Apply small dabs on the entire face and neck. Can be applied on lips and eye contour if necessary.

Novexpert Expert Anti-Ageing Fluid – RRP €45

 The Anti-Ageing Fluid provides profound anti-ageing thanks to stem cell activation. This 100% natural cream with a fluid texture for normal to combination skin works both preventive and corrective on novice, superficial and deep wrinkles.

Thanks to the patented ingredient NOVAXYLINE, the skin itself produces hyaluronic acid and collagen. It has an amazing effect on the skin. It reduces by nearly 70% one of the main causes of ageing (cellular oxidation) and activates a specific gene known for its properties in the field of protection against ageing.

Novexpert Velvety Hydro-Biotic Cream – RRP €26

Novexpert Magnesium Hydro-Biotic Velvety Cream is the perfect solution if your skin is sensitive and you experience dry to very dry skin.  In just one formula there is nourishing Omega 3 and moisturizing hyaluronic acid as well as probiotics and magnesium.

The cream is suitable for all skins who suffer from extreme sensitivity and dryness. In just over formula combines nourishing Omega 3 and moisturizing hyaluronic acid to the skin as well as protect the probiotics and magnesium.

Triple effect care:

HydroHydro-lipidic layer restored
-Fixes water in the stratum corneum
-Decreases epidermal water losses
-Stimulates the cutaneous lipidic synthesis

Biotic: = Cutaneous Flora restored       
-Restores your resident cutaneous flora
-Limits pathogenic bacteria

Velvety care = Cutaneous sensitivity soothed
– Correct IMMUNE hypersensitivity
– Modulate NEURONAL hypersensitivity