It’s the time of year that everyone makes New Year’s resolutions.

This year why not try using less chemicals on your skin? Chemicals are contained in many products we use every day including skincare, makeup and hair care making it seem impossible to get away from them. With Fuschia’s all natural mineral make up foundation you can revamp your foundation routine and make the switch to this all natural product. Fuschia Make Up’s Loose Mineral Powder Foundation(5g)€28.50/(10g)€45 is mineral magic. Derived from all natural ingredients, this cruelty free foundation is make up in its purest form. Providing incredible, gradually buildable coverage, with no harsh chemicals,preservatives, alcohol or dyes, the mineral foundation gives the skin a beautiful, healthy glow,effortlessly. Its adaptive nature means it warms to the skin and harnesses the natural oils present to create a radiant finish for every individual, making it suitable for all skin types and all ages. Best applied to dry skin and built up gradually.

Here are some of Fuschia’s top tips for applying their mineral foundation:

Step 1: Prep and Prime
Apply to cleansed and moisturised skin.
Prime the skin with D20 Hydrating Mist(€25), a non silicone based mattifying primer.


Step 2: Less is More

Your container lid is everything with a loose foundation! Tap a small amount of Loose Mineral Foundation(5g, €28.50) into the lid. Don’t be overly generous… you can always add more!

Step 3: Tap Tap Tap

Using your Jumbo Buffer Brush (€19.50), press the tips of the bristles lightly into the Loose Mineral Powder to lift a small amount of product. Turn the brush so the bristles are up right and tap the handle on a hard surface or on the palm of your hand to allow the powder to fall further into the bristles, for better application.

Step 4: Buff, Buff, Buff

Using small circular motions, start to buff the powder into the skin. Mineral is all about buildable coverage! So, build as you see fit, to suit your individual look and style.One layer gives soft natural coverage; two layers gives medium coverage; Three layers gives full coverage. Work from the outside of the face (cheeks and forehead), gradually buffing towards the t-zone, applying in layers until you achieve the perfect coverage for you.

Fuschia Make Up was established in 2005 in Drogheda and has since become an award winning, premium makeup brand. Fuschia source the best products and all are vetted by their own ultra talented team of make up artists, who refuse to accept anything less than amazing! this amazing product is available at Eternal Beauty & Skincare you can contact them on (090) 975 9919 or at The Ivy wellness and beauty salon, contact them on (051) 340 554.