Time to grab a brush and let our inner makeup artist shine through! This fabulous gift set is the perfect present for those as obsessed with makeup as we are here at Hi HQ. For perfect results artists need the right tools, so true make-up artists and fans of the latest beauty trends love good quality professional make up brushes and lashes!


Rebeluna Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand based in Ireland, www.rebelunacosmetics.ie, with some of the best professional make up brushes and lashes available, delivering top quality at affordable prices.  Make-up artist, businesswoman and mum of two, Lauren Cleare, from Birr Co. Offaly developed and launched Rebeluna Cosmetics, over three years ago.


Popular success has seen the range grow steadily in Ireland and international with an extensive collection of brushes, as well as the addition of re-usable lashes and now the new Limited Edition The Ultimate Collection 8 piece lash set. The brand is a firm favourite with top Irish make-up artists such as Ruth Bergin, Laura Ward, Kate Mc Cormack and MRS Make-up.


The brand’s first collaboration, with top Irish make-up artist Ruth Bergin – The Ruth Bergin “The Signature Collection” (RRP €95) contains a set of 8 luxury professional make up brushes (5 brand new styles) and a brand-new luxury “Signature” sponge. Created for both the professional make-up artist and make up enthusiasts, Ruth has created a fabulous collection of her very own “must haves”.


Set Contains:

R04 Multipurpose Bronzer/Powder Brush

This soft fluffy multi-purpose brush has so many uses. Great for applying powder to small sections of the face. Perfect for bronzer application. It’s also great for soft contouring, blush and subtle highlight application. A great all-round brush. Made from the highest-grade goat hair.

R06 Precision Powder/Highlight

This mini powder brush is great for applying powder to small areas of the face such as under the eye area or to apply highlight. New and improved version made from highest grade goat hair.

R08 Domed Concealer Brush

This domed buffer is great for blending out concealer to give a flawless streak free finish. Also great for blending cream contour and highlight products. Made from synthetic hair this multipurpose brush can be used with creams, powders and liquids.

 R12 Luxury Powder Brush

This brush is the ultimate fluffy powder brush. Made from a mix of the highest-grade goat hair and synthetic hair. This means the softest brush and reduces shedding.

R14 Mini Domed Kabuki Brush

This small domed brush can be used for so many things from foundation application to cream contouring. Made from synthetic hair this multipurpose brush can be used with creams, powders and liquids.

R15 Mini Tapered Kabuki

This small tapered brush is ideal to create the perfect cream or powder contour look, add highlight to the cheekbones and set under eye concealer. A fabulous multipurpose brush. Made from synthetic hair this multipurpose brush can be used with creams, powders and liquids.

R22 Flat Shader/Packer

An essential in any make up bag. This brush lays product onto the lid perfectly, reducing fall out. Made from the highest quality hair it’s exceptionally soft. Made from highest grade goat hair.

R29 Tapered Fluffy Blender

This tapered blending brush applies and blends eyeshadow seamlessly. The tapered tip makes it easy to get right into the crease to create definition yet fluffy enough to softly diffuse eyeshadows. Made from highest grade goat hair.

Signature Sponge 

A beautifully soft sponge to create a flawless airbrushed finish. A hugely versatile product which can be used to apply foundation, concealer, cream and liquid blush, highlight and contour. Use wet or dry to create a perfect finish. We recommend using the sponge damp for best application.

To wash use antibacterial detergent or a brush/sponge soap. Wet sponge, lather, rinse until water runs clear. Allow to air dry in an open space not a container.

The sponge is now also available to purchase on its own with a cute holder and costs €15.


Check out www.rebelunacosmetics.ie, for a list of stockists and some highly affordable, high quality make-up essentials from an exciting Irish company.

We can easily be susceptible to a makeup bag filled with mismatched brushes and brands. It’s time to treat ourselves to an upgrade and this sleek new set is the perfect solution.


Article Author: Lara Haddaoui