World Party Day – April 3rd

Don’t let World Party Day pass you by! This April 3rd get ready to join in on a world-wide party and dance the night away.

There’s no need to stress about any skin issues a night of partying may cause, because renowned leading skin care brand PAYOT has the perfect solution for the morning after the night before. Since 1920, Payot has been creating skin and body care based on innovative formulas that incorporate the latest scientific advances for women who are taking ownership of their beauty.

With Payot’s Hangover Morning Mask, you can have a care-free night knowing that in the morning you will look refreshed and ready to take on the day.



The dreaded morning-after the night before…

PAYOT Hangover Morning Mask – RRP €6.95

Sometimes we need a helping hand in ridding our skin of impurities and returning its glow and shine; enter PAYOT Hangover Morning Mask! This detox mask with Goji berry extract is super rich in Vitamin C, providing your skin with the shot of energy it needs to revive. With delicious fresh and fruity notes of peach, white musk and melon, this fabric mask is sure to provide your skin with a helpful boost of energy and leave you looking healthy and ready for the day ahead!

This 100% natural fabric mask take just 15 minutes to delivery all the benefits of the products active ingredients and leave skin comfortable, beautiful and fresh. Enriched with 19ml of product, the tightly woven fabric envelops the face and stops the product from evaporating. With plant and tangy fruit extracts, PAYOT Morning Masks are the quick, useful and affordable solution to problematic morning skin.


PAYOT Hangover Morning Mask – RRP €6.95 – Available in pharmacies nationwide and online at


Here at Hi HQ we’ll try anything that will help lessen the blow of a bad hangover….We’ve all been there. Shame the mask doesn’t come with an energy drink and cheeky takeaway!