Acclaimed artist Maser has teamed up with The Hope Foundation on a very special print series entitled “Hopeful”.

This is a signed and numbered limited edition of just 100 prints. These unique prints are priced at €100 and all profits will go towards the work of HOPE in Kolkata, India. HOPE works tirelessly for the welfare and protection of street and slum connected children and communities and their vision is to create a world where it should never hurt to be a child. 

Maser began painting graffiti on the streets of Dublin as early as 1995, where he soon earned the respect of other graffiti artists in Ireland and throughout Europe for his unique abstracted style. After studying Visual Communication at Art School in his home city, he went on to establish himself as one of Ireland’s leading visual artists working in the urban environment

HOPE’s first ever Street Art Project is scheduled for late 2019. Curator Maser and an Irish street art collective will travel to Kolkata for one week to work with local artists and HOPE’s beneficiaries in Kolkata’s slums and in HOPE’s protection homes, hospital and life skills centre. This is a unique project which will create some wonderful art while also fundraising for the work of HOPE.

Speaking about his enthusiasm for the project Maser said:

“Myself and a small group of artists will travel to Kolkata to create site-specific artworks in some of the most underprivileged communities in Kolkata. The outcome will be to create vibrant, positive artwork for these communities to engage with on a daily basis, encouraging hope and prosperity for the future.”

HOPE founder and Hon. Director Maureen Forrest expressed her gratitude for the support of all the artists involved:

“I cannot thank Maser and all the artists enough for their amazing efforts on behalf of the children with whom we work. With your help we have made great progress in Kolkata over the past 20 years, however, today there remains hundreds of thousands living in dire circumstances, sleeping on footpaths, without a future, without any hope. We still need your help.”

Maser’s work has become iconic in Ireland and recently he was invited as one of 11 selected artists to produce a film to accompany the songs on U2’s 13th studio album ‘Songs of Innocence’. The collective travelling to Kolkata will also feature “Aches”, artist of the stunning portrait of Savita Halappanavar that featured outside the Bernard Shaw pub in May 2018. The special edition ‘Hopeful’ prints will make a lovely addition to any home, office or business and will also make a huge difference in Kolkata.