Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry brings his folk project Quiet River of Dust to The Everyman, Cork, Friday 13th September, as part of Sounds from a Safe Harbour (SFSH). Partly developed during a residency at the first SFSH in 2015 during a magically creative collaborative week in Lismore Castle, festival attendees were treated to a preview of Parry’s early material on the free music trail at The Crane Lane. Four years later, Sounds from a Safe Harbour is thrilled to present this finished work on The Everyman stage.


Richard Reed Parry said: “I am so pleased to be returning to Cork! One of the friendliest and most musical towns I’ve ever been to. And at the first Quiet River Of Dust gig in 2015 I did promise to come play this music in Ireland, so I’m very glad it’s happening and I’m not flaking on my promises.”


Japanese folk myths, death poems and British folk music are tributaries flowing into a river of late-20th century avant-garde composition and traditional song craft, written and performed by Canadian multi-instrumentalist Parry, a member of a Grammy-winning rock band. This is a meditative, widescreen musical experience with Beach Boy harmonies and a hypnotic pulse. Layered songs that move in a linear fashion, following a current rather than circular composition.

The first volume of Quiet River of Dust was released on the autumn equinox of 2018; and the second volume, released the summer solstice of 2019.


Watch ‘Long Way Back’


Through Quiet River of Dust, Parry wants to create a tangible aural garden of rapturous colours that invite exploration, an immersive experience. To do so, Parry invites precious few people into his solo project. In his only Irish performance this year, see him perform on The Everyman stage, along with some very special guests, 6pm Friday 13th September, as part of Sounds from a Safe Harbour 2019. Tickets €27 are on sale now from The Everyman Box Office, phone 021 4501 673, or