Snack Farm – one of Ireland’s leading healthy snacking brands, today announced that Rob Kearney, former Ireland, Leinster and Lions rugby legend, has joined the executive team. Kearney joins the company as Director of Wellbeing — and has also invested in the business alongside Voxpro co-founders and entrepreneurs, Dan and Linda Kiely.


Kearney will take up a strategic role with the company and will retain a seat at the Board level. He will also be involved in new product development and product innovation, from a wellbeing and efficacy perspective.

Snack Farm produces tasty, healthy snack mixes, packed with natural fruits, seeds, nuts and pulses, and contain the perfect balance of energy, fibre and protein.


Pre-COVID, Snack Farm was supplying top companies like Facebook, Google and Linkedin, with their healthy snacking programmes. Since the switch to working-from-home early in 2020, Snack Farm quickly adapted, and now focuses on taking care of families and employees who are working remotely, selling direct-to-customers from


“Globally people are snacking far more, but not always on the right food”, said Kearney.


“At Snack Farm we promote the concept of mindful snacking: eating small amounts of planned nutritious food on a regular basis during the day. Some of the benefits include a reduction in over-eating at mealtimes, improving energy levels across the day and aiding concentration.”


The rugby legend was a big fan of the Snack Farm products before deciding to get involved with the company. For Kearney, the direct relationship between good nutrition and positive performance has always been a key factor in his life. “Whether that’s on the field, in the workplace or in your personal life, what you put in, definitely impacts directly on what you get out”, he said.


“In my career and my life, I have always been obsessed with physical and mental wellbeing; taking care of myself. Our wellbeing is directly connected to the choices we make. To get involved with a brand that places wellbeing at the heart of its mission really excites me and shaping the future direction of this innovative business is what attracted me to Snack Farm.”


Commenting on the addition of Rob Kearney to the executive team, co-founder of Snack Farm, Padraig Staunton said, “having an individual with Rob’s experience in the world of wellbeing and highest-level sports performance is an incredible addition to our team. As a hugely accomplished professional sportsperson, Rob brings a unique perspective to the Snack Farm management. We look forward to having Rob’s strategic input in areas like new product development and the future positioning of the business”.


On the investment, Dan Kiely commented, “Linda and I are delighted to be able to support a fabulous Irish company with major global ambitions – and one that has been co-founded by an amazing husband and wife team in Padraig and Mishka Staunton.”


“The world of work has undergone a dramatic and forced change over the last year; and what has impressed us, was not only the ability of Snack Farm to completely change their strategy and business model, but to survive and thrive – using the crisis to help fuel innovation. COVID-19 has accelerated business trends, including the massive consumer shift to digital channels – experiencing 10 years growth in 10 months. Snack Farm is now really well positioned to gain deeper insights into their customers’ needs, but also maintain control over their brand and customer experience and build an amazing community around healthy snacking”, he said.


Over the past year and a half Snack Farm has become one of the leading healthy snacking

brands in Ireland, driven by its focus on balancing great taste with effective snacking. Plans are in place to broaden the range of products available, with new product launches planned for 2021. Snack Farm supplies a range of modern snack mixes to homes all over Ireland, from their online store at


About Snack Farm

Snack Farm launched in June 2019 and was founded by Mishka and Padraig Staunton. Snack Farm’s simple mission is to make it easier for people to snack better. Snack Farm produces tasty, healthy snack mixes, packed with natural fruits, seeds, nuts and pulses, and contain the perfect balance of energy, fibre and protein. The ingredients used are well known to boost immunity and brain function. Snack Farm comes in two pack sizes (22g and 44g), both packed in boxes of 12. They are naturally Gluten Free and Cholesterol Free. They are an online only brand, with an exciting range of products available at