Is the winter weather wreaking havoc on your skin? Eucerin’s winter skin saviours are here to give your skin the boost it needs! From the Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler range and Dry Skin range, these dermatologist-recommended products will keep your skin nourished, moisturised, and glowing all winter long.


HYALURON-FILLER DAY CREAM – RRSP: €32.00 Suitable for all skin types, Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Day Cream (SPF 30 and SPF 15) is a daily moisturising cream that addresses the first signs of ageing. It plumps up fine lines and even the deepest wrinkles for a rejuvenated look. With SPF 30 or SPF 15 and a UVA filter it protects skin from the premature ageing caused by sun damage.


HYALURON-FILLER NIGHT CREAM – RRSP: €32.00 Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Night Cream treats the first signs up ageing by plumping up fine lines and wrinkles for a rejuvenated look while supporting skin regeneration. Eucerin’s innovative blend of high and low molecular Hyaluronic Acid, Glycine Saponin and Dexpanthenol delivers a more targeted approach to visibly plumping fine lines and deep wrinkles.


UREA REPAIR PLUS 5% UREA HANDCREAM, 75ml – RRSP: €10.50* Non-greasy and fast absorbing, UreaRepair Plus 5% Urea Handcream provides immediate and long-lasting relief of dry and rough hands. Developed with urea, UreaRepair Plus 5% Urea Handcream helps to strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier and increases the skin’s moisture level, preventing further moisture loss. Suitable for everyday use on very dry, rough hands, sensitive skin or hands that are in frequent contact with water.


AQUAPHOR SOOTHING SKIN BALM, 7ml Jar – RRSP: €4.90* Eucerin’s Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm soothes the skin and is clinically proven for use on all your dry skin needs, from extremely dry to chapped to chafed or cracked skin. Formulated with only seven ingredients, it is gentle enough to be used on overly sensitive skin as well as on babies. Aquaphor protects the skin by creating a breathable protective barrier, allowing oxygen and water vapour to circulate to and from the skin, allowing skin to ‘breathe’ and strengthen its natural barrier function.

ACUTE LIP BALM INTENSIVE LIP CARE, 10ml – RRSP: €7.00* The skin on the lips is extremely thin, making it one of the most sensitive areas of the body and that has weak protection against irritation. Acute Lip Balm Intensive Lip Care is specially developed for extremely dry lips, providing highly effective relief from cracked lips and redness. Formulated using Chinese liquorice root and natural evening primrose oil, this lip balm calms skin irritation and regenerates the skin’s natural barrier. Suitable for frequent use and free from fragrance and colourants, Acute Lip Balm Intensive Lip Care sooths lips and making them feel soft and smooth