Autumn is fast approaching and I love to buy Irish, especially whe pieces are multifuctional and tell a story. I have recently come across a designer based in Dublin called Sarah Swan. Beautiful gifting ideas the super-fine digitally-printed oversized scarves are produced in Italy in limited-edition small quantities from the Irish designer’s original photography.

Swan Song, the latest new Autumn Winter scarves collection from Sarah Swan Dublin, is on sale now.

Inspired by the designer’s time at Leopardsong, a beautiful game reserve outside of Johannesburg, the Swan Song collection features striking images of plains wildlife captured in their natural habitat through Sarah Swan’s own lens.

There are seven new designs capturing spectacular wildlife including zebra and lions, elephants, antelope and kudu that are, in equal parts, majestic and timorous in the beauty of the natural plains setting.

Golden South African dusk and sunsets, the shimmering heat of the day, and a recent bushfire that lent a misty ashen hue to the photographic images, make for a unique colour palate and distinctive designs.

Fashion meets art in Sarah Swan’s printed scarves and her regular collections have featured the vibrant west coast of Ireland as well as stately Italian cities and colourful Cuba, all quickly becoming seasonal staples of many stylish wardrobes about town.

Animal print, a classic look in designer fashion, is very much on-trend for AW19, and so a Sarah Swan Swan Song creation allows a subtle nod to one of the upcoming season’s sartorial statements.

Multi-Functional Style

The limited-edition oversized scarves, at 200 cm x 200 cm, are ideal for travelling, as part of a capsule cruise-collection, or as a keepsake or gift that makes a multi-seasonal style statement.

Produced in Italy in small quantities the two types are a super fine wool maglia, 200 x 200cm, priced at €259 and cashmere 20% / modal 80% in 7 designs, available at €249.

Casually wrapped or tied elegantly with a belt, Sarah Swan scarves are an invaluable travel companion, providing warmth, comfort and elegance.  Totally functional, they serve as a multi-purpose sarong, a stylish wrap, and an elegant accessory, looking stylish and chic worn with a light belted summer coat.

The new covetable AW19 scarves collection is available from leading fashion retailers including Emporium Kalu, Juju, Havana Donnybrook, Cobblers Wardrobe, Kimono Newcastle West, Mojo & Mc Coy Berkshire, Muse Waterford and Maison Rouge Bronxville New York.

The simple beauty, nobility and mystery of the wild African animals inspired the latest new Sarah Swan Dublin scarves range, the designer says.

“When a zebra is drinking a stone’s throw away and a heron is standing in the lake under a red orange sunset, it is impossible not to be captivated by the magnificence.  Seeing the kudu and antelope subtly camouflaged through the ashen plains trees and the majestic lioness and elephants sharing the shelter of the long grass is among the most irresistible imagery an artist can hope for”, Sarah Swan says of her Swan Song collection.

The designer, who has worked in London, Paris and Italy has featured in the Irish designers’ CREATE showcase in Brown Thomas.

Her aim, she says, is to create original and authentic luxury scarves that are both a joy to wear and ultimately practical and comforting.



Sarah Swan trained as an interior designer and art historian, and her creative vision produces uniquely artistic fashion pieces that are also timeless beautiful keepsakes.

Sarah Swan Dublin scarves retail from €200 and are available from leading fashion retailers and online