Flawless skin lovers can rejoice as the GOAT of premium skin lasers and light sources- Sciton – has arrived in Ireland!  More than 25 years ago, Sciton was founded with a mission: to build exceptional lasers and light sources to improve people’s lives and this award-winning technology can now be enjoyed by Irish consumers.

These devices are scientifically proven and Irish aesthetics clinics, who have attained the award winning technology, have already seen incredible results for their patients and their businesses.


Among many other things the treatments target wrinkles, scars, acne, rosacea, port-wine stains, skin discoloration, sun damage, visible signs of aging, enlarged pores, vascular lesions, and signs of melasma! The results are clearer, smoother, and younger appearing skin.


The phenomenal results are loved by countless celebrities across the globe including Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham, who both extoll the flawless skin they have from their treatments. Now thanks to Sciton’s arrival in Ireland all Irish beauty lovers can be red-carpet ready too!


David Higham, Sciton Country Manager of Ireland and United Kingdom, says: “ We are thrilled to introduce our award winning and well-established treatments HALO, MOXI, and BBL HERO – the biggest advancement in the history of laser and pulsed light based technology – to Ireland.”


Higham continues: “Our innovative aesthetic technologies have outstanding customer experience to match and we’re delighted to see Irish customers benefiting from their experiences with Sciton already. We look forward to welcoming more clinics on board as we grow throughout Ireland”


What type of treatments are available?


Lights, camera, action! You don’t have to be a supermodel to glow like one. Now you can restore a healthy glow and youthfulness to your skin with HALO, Sciton’s first and most popular hybrid fractional laser for all skin types.


Before HALO, patients had to choose between an ablative or non-ablative treatment. While ablative treatments are more invasive and typically require a longer downtime, non-ablative treatments may not be as effective as some patients would like. HALO combines both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to offer remarkable results with minimal downtime—including a dramatic reduction in sunspots, fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, and more.



Head-to-Toe Skin Transformation with Sciton’s proprietary award-winning technology, BBL HERO, rooted in science and backed by thousands of reviews and incredible before and afters.  BBL Hero improves the appearance of aging skin and reduces rosacea, acne, and sun damage comfortably with little to no downtime.



A Gentle Approach To Radiant Skin.

Want to look your best but don’t know where to begin? Moxi is Sciton’s newest fractionated and non-ablative laser for revitalized skin. In a quick 12-15 minute treatment with minimal downtime or discomfort, Moxi reduces pigment and improves the skin’s overall tone and texture. The treatment is perfect if you’re looking to correct the initial signs of sun damage and aging—or if you want to upgrade your skincare regimen with a powerful solution for younger-looking skin. Performed year-round and on all skin types, men and women love their results from Moxi.