The masterful technique of Cryotherapy has arrived in Ireland and the power is in your hands. Brought to  you by the formidable skincare force that is Corinna Tolan of the Monica Tolan Beauty and Skin Care  Clinic, her unique, salon-quality Cryo Therapy Globes are sure to be an essential part of your skincare  routine.

Multi Award-Winning Celebrity Skincare Specialist, Corinna has been at the forefront of integrating  ground-breaking techniques and technologies into her treatments for years, as she leads the way as  Ireland’s only second-generation skincare specialist.

Described as a ‘Master Skin Genius’ by Environ Founder Dr Des Fernandes, Corinna’s modern and unique  take on treating clients and introduction of new and innovative skincare techniques, quickly made her the  go-to for skin rejuvenation and troubleshooting.

As the industry evolved since the opening of The Monica Tolan Beauty and Skincare Clinic, Corinna has  pushed forward with it; developing new ways to treat, advise and give her clients the tools they need to  achieve beautiful, healthy skin for a lifetime, resulting in the celebrity’s skincare haven being named the  IIAA Salon of The Year for UK & Ireland for 11 consecutive years.









A mainstay in the skincare routines and a firm favourite of celebrities across the globe including Jennifer  Aniston, Gigi Hadid, Cindy Crawford, Tracee Ellie Ross, Lilly Allen and model Iris Law among many more,  the benefits of Cryotherapy and the use of Cryo Therapy Globes are endless, in particular when it comes to integrating them in fine-tuned facial treatments and at home to aid our lotions and potions, working specifically on our complexions and to aid recovery.

Corinna has used the technique of Cryotherapy in her treatments for many years, leading her to create  her own stainless steel Cryo Therapy Globes, suitable for both at home and in-salon use, making them an  essential skincare utensil. Designed to reduce inflammation, boost circulation and also lift & tighten skin,  Cryo Therapy Globes are not only a functional facial tool but also mood and well-being enhancers as they  soothe & calm the skin, release endorphins & speed up recovery.

Best stored in the fridge to keep an optimal cool temperature, rub the spherical Cryo Therapy Globes  across the face, and body, in upwards motions resulting in a super cooling massage. Known to tighten the  skin, reduce the size of pores, puffiness and redness, along with enhancing circulation, the Cryo Therapy  Globes are known to brighten the complexion, provide natural headache and sinus relief, refresh and cool  oneself during hot flushes and aid in sports recovery, among a long list of additional benefits one can  expect from the use of Cryotherapy. Delivering a visible boost to the skin’s surface, from the inside out,  using sub-zero temperature to give a cold shock to the skin, which sends fresh blood to the targeted area.  More blood means more oxygen, and a richer nutrient delivery, which flushes away toxins and reduces  water retention, resulting in skin that looks and feels plumper and refreshed within a matter of minutes.

The Cryo Therapy Globes retail for €99 and are available from


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