Sensitive skin needs a special kind of care and especially coming into winter. Swiss beauty brand Declaré was the first skincare line formulated exclusively for sensitive skin forty years ago.  Applying constant innovation based on scientific research, the brand has evolved to offer a comprehensive range of high quality, highly effective nourishing skin products, specifically tailored to a variety of sensitive skin conditions.  An innovative family-owned beauty business, with the brand’s creator Karl J Troll still very much involved in the company, Declaré remains true to its original 40-year-old mission of creating luxury skincare products for sensitive skin that are ‘more than skin-deep’!


The new BODY CARE EXPERIENCE Foaming Shower Gel and Body Care Mousse in a 200 ml spray can with a revitalising citrus fragrance for the new type of body care.


BODY CARE MOUSSE, RRP €15 contains rich shea butter, almond oil and monoi oil. Soft foam with precious shea butter and almond oil nourishes demanding skin. The refreshing fragrance is revitalising and envelops the skin. For skin that feels velvety soft and gently cared for. Application: Using circular movements, massage in daily after cleansing. Shake before use.


FOAMING SHOWER GEL, RRP €15 with organic sweetvetch extract and almond oil. Nourishing shower foam cleanses gently and moisturises. The refreshing fragrance is revitalising and envelops the skin. Application: Turns from a gel into a rich shower foam. Massage into damp skin and then rinse.


New 5 Secrets Night Cream from Declaré


Revitalising and regulating, calming and harmonising, nourishing and moisturising, healthy sleep is important for our well-being and for our skin. Declaré’s 5 Secrets Night Cream

combines the five plant extracts, lemon balm, lavender, camomile, sage and St. John’s wort, with aromatic oils of lavender and orange blossom. In this way, it provides wonderful relaxation, intensive moisture and a refreshed complexion.


Today we sleep an average of one hour less than 30 years ago. Regular deep sleep is the foundation of our entire immune system. A lack of sleep also has an effect on our skin. It ages more quickly, as the nocturnal revitalising phase does not take place.  5 Secrets Night Cream helps your skin to fully utilise the nocturnal rest time for a radiantly lovely awakening in the morning. Selected oils based on findings from aromatherapy help you to forget the day‘s stress, while the silky-soft creamy texture pampers your senses and gently prepares you for a relaxing night‘s sleep



BUSH CLOVER EXTRACT • helps the skin to optimise its 24-hour rhythm and utilise the sleep phase entirely for revitalisation.

SELECTED ESSENTIAL OILS of bitter orange, jasmine, peony, Damask rose, black elderflower and Japanese cherry provide the maximum moisture and a beneficial suppleness. They are calming, provide moisture and nourish the skin. At the same time, they boost nocturnal revitalisation and are antioxidant.

SELECTED ESSENTIAL AROMATIC OILS of lavender and orange blossom. Used in aromatherapy for their calming effect.

HYALURONIC ACID, long- and short-chain provides intensive moisture. Long-chain hyaluronic acid mists the surface of the skin with sufficient moisture, reducing fine dryness lines and wrinkles.

PENTAVITIN forms an additional film of moisture on the surface of the skin, and then binds it like a magnet to the top layer of the epidermis for a long-lasting effect of up to 72 hours. VITAMIN E protects the cells against free radicals and also provides moisture for more elasticity and suppleness.

SRCTM COMPLEX reduces the skin’s sensitivity and strengthens its resistance. Noticeable and visible stress is quickly and permanently reduced, while the skin‘s protective barrier is restored and additionally supported by intensive cell protection.



After cleansing, take a few moments for yourself and gently melt the 5 Secrets Night Cream in the palms of your hands. Now move the hands to your nose. In – hale deeply, enjoy the moment of peace filled with the fragrance of lavender and orange blossom, before gently massaging the cream into your skin.


5 Secrets night Cream by Declaré

Available on, selected pharmacies and salons, plus the

Recommended retail price: €50