Authentic Shaolin Masters Master Zheng and Master Jinlei Wang arrived to Ireland over the weekend from the Henan Province in China for a three month residency at Monart Destination Spa in Wexford where they will showcase of Shaolin Culture. Picture: Patrick Browne


Shaolin Masters arrive at Monart Destination Spa


This autumn two Masters of Shaolin from the Henan Province in China who have trained all of their lives at the Shaolin Temple are set to host a residency from now until December 7th at Monart Destination Spa located in county Wexford, Ireland.

Master Zhang and Master Jiang will teach and carry out performances of Shaolin life and Chinese Culture including group classes in meditation and movement skills to reduce stress, enhance health, improve breathing, release tension and harmonise the link between body and mind. Qi-Gong a series of eight ancient exercises of the Shaolin which promotes health and longevity and Tai Chi a series of slow movements and transitions from differing positions ranging from easy to challenging to promote strength and release tension. The Shaolin will also showcase the art of Kung Fu each week during their stay. All classes are free to residents.

The Masters will also offer Shaolin Warrior Massage treatments; this famous massage was created in ancient times by the Shaolin in order to keep the muscles and body healthy, find areas of weakness, and in times past ensure the health and wellbeing of the Chinese warriors.

Shaolin at Monart

Shaolin Masters served the people of China as warriors and Buddhist Monks for many centuries earning respect for their discipline, bravery, adaptability and action-oriented approach. The Shaolin continue this 2,000-year-old tradition and the Temple offers a rare window into China’s ancient past. The Shaolin are famous all around the world for teaching Martial Arts, Meditation and Buddhism as a way of life, improving health and wellbeing and concentrating on finding balance in life.

Commenting on the Shaolin residency Liam Anthony Griffin, Director of the Griffin Group said:  “We are honoured to welcome the Shaolin Masters to Monart Destination Spa. Their culture and ethos is truly unique; they are dedicated to health and wellbeing and to strengthening the mind and body to be prepared for what life brings and we are delighted to learn from them and see them share their 2,000-year-old traditions with all of our guests.

This is a rare opportunity for those who have always dreamed of training with and learning from Shaolin Masters. The Shaolin Experience is on offer until December 7th 2019.

During the Shaolin Experience at the adult-only Monart Destination Spa guests can enjoy free unrestricted access to all of the Shaolin classes including Meditation, Qi-gong and Tai Chi. The Shaolin Warrior Massage is also available for guests to book, at €120. For further details see A Shaolin Day Spa programme is also be available for non-residents including unrestricted access to the thermal suite, access to classes and a 50 minute Shaolin Warrior treatment.

The Multi-award-winning Monart Destination Spa is located in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford is 130km south of Dublin and just 40km from Rosslare seaport on Ireland’s southeast corner. The Spa is set in over 100 acres of lush Irish countryside and is a tranquil location for luxury, peace and rejuvenation seekers.

Picture: Patrick Browne