Lockdown is seeing us feeling hairier than ever now that our favourite salons and clinics are closed. Fear not though as Gilette have something to tide us over during lockdown. Gillette Venus believes every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin, that’s why it continues to push the boundaries of shaving excellence. Its latest innovation – the NEW Gillette Venus Extra Smooth
Sensitive Razor with Skin Elixir – responds to the needs of over half (51%)
of women who shave and experience surface skin reactions.
Designed specifically to tackle discomfort such as bumps and shaving rashes, the new razor confidently promises to deliver on zero irritation,ensuring you no longer need to forward plan your next shave. Instead,wave goodbye to waiting for the uncomfortable rash to calm down and just shave and go with confidence.The launch supports Venus’ ongoing ‘My Skin, My Way’ campaign whichsees the brand celebrate all women and their skin stories.








The Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive with Skin Elixir is gentle on the skin and promises to prevent skin irritation.

  • NEW Skin Elixir gel moisture bars provide three times more lubrication than the Venus Extra Smooth. Allowing you to feel up to 100% smooth skin and up to 0% irritation when shaving.
  • 5 Diamond-Like Coated Blades: Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive features five diamond-like coated and extra thin blades which are perfectly balanced to glide over skin, so you feel less tug and pull in sensitive areas.
  • Ribbon of Moisture: For additional glide while shaving.
  • Pivoting Rounded Head: Venus Sensitive’s pivoting round head contours over your body for a smooth gliding shave and less pressure on skin.
  • Soft Gel Grip Handle: The soft-grip gel handle is designed to adapt to different women’s shaving styles while ensuring maximum control in a wet environment.