BPerfect Cosmetics, a favourite of makeup lovers and global artists alike, including Jeffery Star, NikkiTutorials, Manny MUA, Ellie Kelly and Stacey Marie, to name but a few. The brand’s latest launch is sure to illuminate cheekbones across the globe. Meet the new Sub Zero Highlighter Palette, created in association with Top UK MUA and ‘King of Highlight’, MMMMitchell.


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The Instagram phenomenon, with a following of over 745,000 and rapidly growing by the minute, has earned a reputation for his ultra-glam makeup looks and unwavering work ethic, which sees him travel the world hosting makeup masterclasses and demos. 

MMMMitchell is well known for his use of highlighter, making the new Sub Zero Palette the perfect product to allow makeup enthusiasts to express their own love for a blinding glow.

The carefully curated seven-piece palette contains six illuminating shimmer pressed powders and a unique one of a kind highlight toppe, which is MMMMitchell’s secret to making your makeup pop!

MMMM – Signature Blue Glow         

IN BLANKETS – Warm peach reflects         

MADE IT – Ice White Gold    

BAEBLY – Champagne shine with silver shift        

LIFESTYLE – Golden Bronze

BODIODIODI – True Chocolate Bronze       

OTT – Golden Highlight Topper

Once you’ve chosen your show-stopping highlight, all that’s left is to pack it on and have that shine be seen from space! 

Every time BPerfect Cosmetics bring out a new product, we aim to bring you something different. We started following MMMMitchell about two years ago and it was clear to see he had his own inimitable style – he loved highlighting. Because of this it made complete sense to work alongside MMMMitchell on a highlight collection. He is an illustrious makeup artist, who is not only extremely innovative but also great fun to work with,” said the BPerfect Cosmetics Team.

MMMMitchell saidWe started working on Sub Zero about a year ago, if not more. It was only an idea at first but now it’s a reality, which is surreal. I always said if I was going to be part of a product it would have to be a highlight palette because I love highlight. If you don’t know this already, I love highlight. It’s my thing. I could have just made one highlighter but I decided to make a palette with something for everyone, so it would look good on any skin tone. I really believe that’s what I’ve done. The main objective for me was to create a highlighter that I could layer on, because that’s also what I do; I layer! I wanted tones that I could mix together because again, that’s what I do!” 

The BPerfect Cosmetics MMMMitchell Sub Zero Highlighter Palette retails at €36.95.