Between spending an increased amount of time indoors and the collective uptake of alcohol laced sanitiser it’s likely that for most of us, dry hands and cracked cuticles have become part of daily life. Suddenly quality hand products have become less of a luxury and more of a skincare essential. On a daily basis, your hands are exposed to the same environmental stressors as your face such as pollution and changes in temperature. So, it makes sense that we should extend our skincare routine right to our fingertips. Codex Beauty have some amazing high quality, organic hand care products including their Bia Cold Processed Soaps and Bia Skin Superfood that will have your hands in their best condition yet.



Soften, soothe and cleanse skin with Bia Uplifting Soap, made with French Pink Clay. While cleansing, enjoy the uplifting floral blend of amyris, ylang ylang, may chang and rose geranium. Codex Beauty soaps are carefully crafted, taking into consideration the properties of the plant oils and butters used in the formula. This ensures the soap performs to the highest standard on many different levels: the way it lathers, how it moisturises and cleanses, its texture and the way it smells.



How soap works…

The weakest point in the structure of a virus is its lipid bilayer. Soap can dissolve this fatty membrane and causes the virus to fall apart. By the action of washing and rinsing your hands you then wash this denatured virus away. So, although hand sanitisers are useful when out and about, when you are at home and have access to water, using a high-quality soap, made from organic ingredients is much kinder to your skin compared to most hand sanitisers that have a high percentage of alcohol which can be extremely drying on the skin.




After you’ve washed your hands using the Bia Soap, the next step in your hand care routine is to use the ultra-hydrating and deeply nourishing, Bia Skin Superfood. This multipurpose cream is perfect for use on hands, face and the body. Made with Codex Beauty’s patented, potent BiaComplex™ formula, this cream provides all-day moisture, protects the skin’s barrier, and is clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin texture. Bia Skin Superfood is nourishing for all skin types, but thanks to the moisturising and rejuvenating properties of immortelle and marsh mallow, this cream is especially great for soothing dry, flaky, or irritated skin.

Bia Skin Superfood clinical trials have found:

  • 90% of test subjects measured a 42.5% hydration increase at 4 weeks
  • 100% of test subjects experienced a 40.5% decrease in skin flakiness at 4 weeks
  • 77% of test subjects experienced a 13.4% decrease in Trans Epidermal Water   ……..Loss at 4 weeks