Award Winning Irish oral care brand  mouthwash

Ireland’s favourite teeth whitening and oral care brand Spotlight Whitening has launched the latest innovation in its range of quality oral care products.Spotlight White Teeth Wash is an oral care mouthwash with natural antibacterial and whitening properties.Created by Irish dentists, sisters Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, the mouthwash contains Irish seaweed which delivers a powerful antibacterial affect while the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide effectively whitens teeth without causing sensitivity.

The alcohol-free formula is gentle on enamel and doesn’t disrupt the natural production of saliva which is essential to reduce bad breath and naturally wash away food particles and bacteria in the mouth. It also means there’s no lingering burning sensation after use.The mouthwash comes with a unique self-filling lid, dispensing the exact amount of mouthwash as recommended by dentists, meaning no mess and no wastage.

Speaking about the launch, co-founder Dr. Vanessa Creaven said, “Mouthwash is one of the easiest ways to dramatically improve your oral health. Patients find adding mouthwash to their routine is much simpler than any other step in their routine.”

“We wanted to create a mouthwash that would improve the overall health of the mouth while still maintaining whitening effects,” explains Dr. Lisa Creaven. “The self-fill lid also helps eliminate any confusion about how much mouthwash is needed for effective results.”

Spotlight Whitening, which launched in 2016, has a line of safe, at-home teeth whitening treatments and the brand is set to launch a new range of specialised oral care products later this year.

Spotlight Whitening White Teeth Wash RRP €12.99 is available from February 7th from pharmacies nationwide.