Heading away to the sun or hoping to catch a few rays in Ireland this year? P20 want to arm you with everything you need to stay sun safe this summer.

P20’s handy 115ml sized bottle comes in SPF 15 (spray), SPF 20 (lotion) and SPF 30 (spray) is available exclusively from Penneys. The conveniently sized bottle is perfect for popping in your beach bag when heading off for a day of outdoor activities. The seriously reliable sunscreen offers up to 10 hours of protection so you can rest assured sunburn won’t be making an appearance on your sun holiday! P20 want to answer some of their most frequently asked questions so you can be as informed as possible on the most efficient sunscreen practices.

How is P20 different to other sunscreens?

What makes P20 different from other sunscreens is its unique formulation of extremely photo stable UVA and UVB filters which are only very slowly broken down by the sun. Its complex formula results in P20 sticking to the skin and staying on the skin even when you in and out of the pool! The combination of these two factors is what makes P20 effective for up to 10 hours and very water resistant.

Does P20 contain both UVA and UVB protection?

Yes! All products in the P20 range contain both UVA and UVB filters giving you a broad spectrum photostable UV protection.

Can I use P20 on my children?

Yes, P20 is perfectly safe for use on children. All its ingredients have been approved as cosmetic ingredients and contain no added fragrance, colourants, or added preservatives.


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Does P20 contain preservatives?

There are no parabens in the P20 products. P20 is based on ethanol, so there is no need for preservatives to ensure shelf life.

Should I re-apply P20 after swimming?

There is no need to reapply P20 after swimming unless you have towel-dried vigorously and experienced heavy sweating. P20 has been categorised as “Very Water Resistant” – the highest classification available – and offers superior protection even after prolonged immersion in water.P20 is categorised as very water resistant and lasts for up to 4×20 minutes before it must be reapplied.It is proven that P20 sunscreen is more than very water resistant as it keeps a high level of protection even after 80 minutes of bathing. This is unique for a sunscreen.

Can I use P20 under make-up and moisturising cream?

Yes. P20 is perfect for underneath makeup. Just allow 15 minutes after applying then go ahead with your normal make-up routine.


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How should I apply P20?

Apply 15 minutes before going out into the sun or swimming, to allow a protective film to form on the skin. Apply generously and evenly, paying particular attention to the vulnerable parts of the body such as nose, ears, scalp, shoulders, chest and feet. If you are using the spray pack, do not spray directly on to your face. Instead spray into your hands, and then apply to the face, avoiding the sensitive eye area.

How long can I stay in the sun?

It depends on your skin type, the season, where in the world you are and the time of day. People with dark hair and dark skin can generally stay longer in the sun without burning than people with fair hair and skin. In the hours between 11 am and 3 pm the concentration of burning UVB rays is at its highest; so if you go out in the sun at all, wear light clothes, e.g. a t-shirt, a hat and sunscreen.

P20 115ML (RRP: €15.00)is available in SPF 15 (Spray), SPF 20 (Lotion) and SPF 30 (Spray) exclusively from Penneys.