Organic Italian, which opened in 2018 off Dalkey’s busy Main Street, is an exceptional hair salon, owned and run by married couple Francesco Piccolo and Ivana Margarini. A feast for the senses, as well as the scalp, awaits in this unique haircare emporium, where the Italian owners devise individual handcrafted organic treatments to nourish and protect hair.  They are thrilled to be nominated in this year’s Tia Maria Hair and Beauty awards. We had a quick chat with owner Ivana.

We are revolutionary in the hairdressing field.Our unique colour it’s called “ConLeMani” ( literally “with the use of hands” ) and it’s only made with powdered herbs, plants, roots, flowers, and hot water. We believe that nature has given us everything we need. In 2020 we don’t need to expose ourselves to aggressive ingredients who can cause illness. We are specialists in treating the scalp and the hair, all our treatment ARE BESPOKE. We check the scalp with the micro camera, so we’ll know what our clients deeply needs. We just use raw and fresh ingredients as precious butter, healing oils, healing herbs. We are so proud to finally put on the market a new concept of colouring hair that does not pollute our planet and ourselves. 

Winning this award will raise so much awareness of how damaging chemicals can be to the human body. We are championing eco style hairdressing. Our salon is fitted out in natural and recycled materials, including beautiful rustic looking old pine counters.  Purchasing is from fair trade networks and eco-sustainable projects.  Everything is natural, recyclable or reusable including the hairdressing cape.

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