Clarins approaches the topic of menopause openly and honestly so that women might have a more positive experience. By studying how hormonal changes can impact the skin, Clarins formulated expert skin care products that are able to reduce these impacts and also shares tips and recommendations on how to promote well-being every day.

Today, based on the latest scientific discovery regarding fibroblasts’ behaviour during menopause, Clarins Research reformulated the Super Restorative face creams. For the first time, a new ingredient (organic gorse extract) which targets skin slackening is combined with powerful organic harungana extract that offers retinol-like¹ action to promote replenished, revitalized, regenerated skin and a better experience during menopause.

In partnership with INSERM¹, Clarins studied the impact reduced hormonal activity can have on fibroblasts’ ability to maintain fiber tension to which they are attached. For the first time, Clarins Research demonstrated that after menopause, fibroblasts lose 99.6%² of their tension strength compared to young fibroblasts. Besides producing less collagen, affected fibroblasts lose tone. Not as ‘strong’, they struggle to pull on fibers to maintain their tightening effect and the skin can slacken.

Wlarins Research highlighted the ‘retinol-like’ ability of powerful organic harungana extract and combined it with organic gorse extract for the first time. This favourable combination helps enhance efficacy.

What makes it so incredible?

Eight years ago, Clarins researchers highlighted the replenishing ability organic harungana offers. In continuing this research, they discovered that organic harungana extract had the same exceptional power as retinol. A true botanical ‘treasure’ capable of revitalizing and replenishing the skin. Our researchers demonstrated its exceptional efficacy via in vitro tests on the 5 aspects of ageing: collagen, pro-collagen 1, elastin, laminin-5 and CRBP1 (scientific publication pending).

Retinol is a powerful anti-ageing ingredient.

This derivative of vitamin A has been proven widely effective on firmness, wrinkles, dark spots and radiance. By stimulating collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production, it works on all fronts to visibly improve the quality of the skin. Thanks to its unique plant expertise, Clarins Research was able to find a plant-based alternative to retinol, which is just as effective and well tolerated by all skin types, even sensitive: organic harungana extract.


Clarins gorse extract is sourced in France!

An emblematic plant from Brittany, gorse is a very resistant ‘pioneer’ plant that grows in almost any type of soil and can be found primarily along the coast. One plant can produce several thousand seeds every year that remain viable for more than 20 years! And, that’s great because the role it plays in an ecosystem makes it a precious plant for biodiversity. Its nectar and pollen are vital food sources for bees. Its resistance caught the attention of Clarins ethnobotanists who presented it to Research teams to evaluate its cosmetic abilities.


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