At HiStyle it is no secret that we love awards and while glitz and glam is important so is the environment and our earth.

TanOrganic has been re-awarded independent Ethical Accreditation for the 10th successive year, following an annual ethical audit by The Ethical Company Organisation, demonstrating the company’s long-standing ethical commitments. Last week, The Good Shopping Guide released some brand-new research for the Self Tan sector in which TanOrganic receives a top-ranking Ethical Company index score of 100.

This is amazing news for themas an Irish brand to be leading the way globally in terms of ethics in the tanning world. As people are becoming more and more conscious about that what they are putting onto their skin. They are happy that it is kind to their skin and the environment too.


So I decided as Editor and tanimal that I was going to put the tan through it’s paces and see what was on offer. When it comes to finding your favourite fake tan there are whole bunch of things to consider, firstly the shade – do you want a light glow or a deep bronze? Do you want a mousse or a lotion? If you want to play it safe and go with something subtle then the Dark Mousse is not for you. It gives a nice even golden glow and I am happy with the fade off.

Formula: A really impressive formula, not only does this creamy foam apply easily but it doesn’t stink! The self-tan is designed to be hydrating, so it’s perfect if you’re prone to dryness as it won’t cling to any rough areas of skin (we’re talking wrists, ankles, knees and elbows). The light golden finish fades evenly over a week or so, but can be topped up without going patchy.

Developing time: Wait for 10 minutes before putting on your clothes and leave the colour on for a minimum of 6 hours before showering. It is quite hydrating so can feel damp.