Milan –  in Omaggio a Milano
It is the collections that tell the story of Giorgio Armani’s journey, his sense of freedom, his independence from fleeting trends. And in this Privé collection, presented for the first time at Palazzo Orsini, the heart of his Milanese atelier where clothes are conceived and take shape, one can detect a desire for perfection and a pleasure taken in light and colour; the result conveys the profound aesthetics of haute couture to the younger generation.

Linda Cantello interprets Giorgio Armani Privé Spring-Summer 2020 in make-up:

“The makeup was a combination of the Armani DNA in soft hues to enhance the femininity of the collection and was inspired by the beauty and history of Palazzo Orsini.”





Prepare and massage skin with ARMANI PRIMA GLOW-ON MOISTURISING CREAM, ensuring the cream is absorbed before adding the base.

Use LUMINOUS SILK CONCEALER where needed in the appropriate shade to match the skin tone. Then apply LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION to create a natural seamless complexion.


Apply EYE TINT in #43, “ICE” on the eyelids, up to the eyebrows (apply softly yet for a visible result). Then use SMOOTH SILK EYE PENCIL in black on the base of the lashes and smudge it down and out to create a shadow.



Apply ROUGE D’ARMANI MATTE in shade #101, “Scene” on the lips and dab some NEO NUDE ECSTASY BALM on top, using shade #1, to give the lips a healthy sheen finish.

Powder at the end with LUMINOUS SILK GLOW FUSION POWDER in the appropriate shade.